Surviving a Long Distance Relationship in the Short Term.

Q: I like this guy and I want to be with him, but we live in different states. I'm the only one who has to visit - what do I do?There must be something in the air, because lately we've received TONS of questions about surviving long distance relationships. Let's first start by stating the obvious.....long distance relationships SUCK!!!...more

"I Don't Need A Man" - I'm Calling BS On This Catch Phrase

Over the past three years since I got divorced, it is by far THE most popular statement I’ve heard from women: “I don’t need a man”.  And it’s been said with passion.  Power.  Ownership.  As if it’s been EARNED.   ...more
I totally agree!!! I desire to be with a man!!!more

I Know Our Love Is Real....And That's Good Enough For Me

It’s always a tricky situation when you get back together with your ex. It’s not enough to convince yourself that things have changed and are better (which is a feat in and of itself), but you also have to convince your friends and family that things have changed! I’m in the process of attempting to convince people right now; and either I’m not that convincing or they are not that forgiving. Whichever one it is, I’m failing. Therefore, they are failing to see the great MAN my ex is now, the great spiritual leader he has become and the great supporter he continues to be....more

Thanks so much! It is difficult following your heart when not everyone agrees with your ...more

Finally on One Accord

Here it comes…we both knew it was coming, but we were both avoiding it. Well, we can’t avoid it any longer. We were both anxious to understand “what we were doing.” We both know that we love each other; we’ve expressed that. And I think we both know the level to which we love each other, which is immensely, completely and entirely. But we had been doing too much thinking and not enough knowing. And the only way to know something is to say it. I needed to hear the words. I needed for him to say exactly what his intentions were for our relationship....more

Dating Sucks

“I don't think I said or did anything wrong but I am curious to know why I feel like I am being ignored. How do I ask without sounding like a total idiot?...more
I think that dating is all fun and games and we are for the most part open and flexible with ...more

Breaking the legend about Italian men

Wow, I can see you guys already shaking, and ladies all over the world looking for tissues! (read the post here)From

Freak out!

Freak out! You feel like you're tied to the rails, and there's a train coming down the tracks at top speed.  There are tampons in your medicine cabinet right next to yo...more

Are you Willing to be Unhappy, just so you're not Alone?

As friends around you begin to settle down, buy houses and have children, many women find themselves standing at the crossroads of Start Over and He's Good Enough. Having invested so many years into the wrong man, bad boyfriend or all around ugly person they begin to wonder what's worse - starting over as a single women, or stay in a loveless relationship?...more

How To Keep It Hot & Interesting

Tomorrow is promised to no one and what little time we have on this earth shared with someone we love and adore is precious. ...more

Love Recipes

You go to a search engine and type the question. How to make a girl/guy fall in love with you? Is 73.000.00 answers enough to find out what love is? Why should we need a recipe to capture someone?...more