Taking your Cues: Dating For Success, Part 1

The stall. Maybe you recognize yourself in this scenario. You meet a guy whom you feel chemistry, and it is mutual; how do you know? Your conversations are stimulating, he pays attention to you, he says all the right things, and he makes sure he has all your contact info. He calls, you go out, and again, you have a great time. Maybe you go out again, however at some point, he stops calling. What do you do?...more

How many times have I tried to pursue someone when wanting them to pursue me. Thanks for the blog!more

How to Alter Our Vision of Love

We all know how it feels at the beginning of a relationship; the dizzying highs and the rush that comes along with living in the possibilities.  We are brand new and hopeful.  We are almost childlike in our trusting as we allow ourselves to see another through the eyes of goodness, love and comfort.  We are generous and we are free....more

Forever After (or VBS, planting seeds, and Hallmark movies)

“‘I remember going to this church one summer.’ Her voice was almost a whisper. ‘It was a Vacation Bible School or something—and they invited all the kids in the neighborhood. Mom made Becky and me go, and they talked about that—about Christmas. I thought it was so weird talking about Christmas in July. But there was something I always liked about that.’'I’m going to go out on a limb,’ he risked, ‘and say maybe God planted a seed in your heart way back then.’She looked skeptical. ‘A seed that’s supposed to grow into what?’...more

Dating Double Standards

The thing is, sometimes I'm a bad person.  I don't mean to be, but we all got to watch out for ourselves, don't we?  Especially when it comes to dating... ...more

Chronicles of Shaadi.com, Part One:

Ok, look, I realize I need therapy but I can’t afford it at the moment. I was thinking about putting a Paypal link on this blog to see who would get exhausted with me enough to pay for my therapy. Anyways, and but, I must tell you about shaadi.com. It’s an Indian Dating website. Currently it’s my only venue for dating. Currently I’m going insane. ...more

Getting Dumped Sucks : How Juicy Women Deal With It

There’s no other way to say it:  when someone breaks up with you it absolutely bites especially if it wasn’t mutual. Break-ups happen to everyone, even the most self-confident and fabulous women. When it's your turn, I bet this is what hurts the most:...more

Calculating our Chances for Sustaining Love

First in a Series of Five...more


MISSING THE HISTORY In the long months after my husband died, what I missed most was HIM -- his person, his presence, the joy of feeling completed by another human being. Over the long term (5 years), with the rawest of grief abated, what I miss most is our shared history. After more than 30 years of living and loving together, a couple can speak volumes with a single glance, feel contentedly linked during periods of silence, understand thoughts expressed in incomplete sentences, or not expressed not at all....more