Women In The Thirties

They are everywhere, on TV Series, books, headlines, corporationdirections,  politics, aloneat restaurants, or picking up the kids from school. A lot has been sad about the women in the thirties,  but the best word to define that stage of women life is fascination. ...more

Internet Dating

So for those of you who are married or have not participated in Internet dating, this is for you. ...more

Where There is a Want, There is Never a Need

Regardless if we claim (or admit) to be interested by the company of a predetermined Mr. Wonderful- somewhere, deep down, in even the most cynical, sarcastic, and bitter of hearts -lives a tiny inkling of desire for true love to prove it exists....more

It's Like a Dollar a Day

  Run to your phone now. Would you join a club that that requires you to pay dues of a variable amount each month, provides you with little or no real human interaction and sends you something not absolutely necessary?...more

Job Hunting is like Dating... But Not Nearly as Fun

I recently lost my job due to company changes for 4th time.  Over the last 10 years, the companies I've worked for were either sold, changed management and/or relocated.  This last one wasn't sold but upper management outsourced my boss' department to an outside vendor, thus eliminating 7 permanent positions....more

Dating and Valentine's Day Anticipation

On Tuesday at school I got around 3 missed calls from my cousin. When I got out and called him back he told me to meet him as soon as possible and that it was really urgent. So, we met at one of the cafes at school. I was pretty worried, I thought something bad had happened. When he got there, we went through the ususal pleasantries, "How's your mom, how's home?" etc etc, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Get to the emergency already!!!" Finally I couldn't take it and I asked him, "O.k, so what's up"...more

Why women cheat?


Can sex exist without love ?

A dear friend between the spaghetti and the fruity red, ask me: “Does sex without love exist?” I was not sure what were more tasteful, the spaghetti, the red or the question. Yes, tasteful, because its just matter of taste, some would enjoy it and  others would not. Two different things tied by  hearts and minds....more
I believe sex without love simply does not exist. Let me explain: according to my view of the ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I cannot compete with a dead man

 Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Keeping Up With My Soaps

Keeping Up With My Soaps ...more