Not every woman wants you...

Most of my headaches could be removed if men weren’t so conceited.  Men think everything is about them.  If you call a lot your obsessed with them.  If you want to take a picture your obsessed.  If you want to hang out you have a crush.  OMG!...more

Jackie or Marilyn?

This is an old post (Sept. 22, 2010) from my column on Sexandthe405 that seemed right at home here on BlogHer. Enjoy! ...more

Tools Belong in the Shed, Not on Your Arm: 20 Ways You Can Avoid Dating Jerks Once and For All!!

Tools Belong in the Shed, Not on Your Arm: 19 Ways You Can Avoid Dating Jerks Once and For All!!    ...more

When Friends Have Babies and You Have Your Career

By Stephanie Florman...more

Postmortem: Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine's Day

Every February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for....more

I Can Wait, But I Really Don't Want To

Love is patient. Love waits while he tries to find the find the right career path. Love waits while he tries to find the right basketball shoes. Love is patient, but it is also very impatient. When it comes to the one you love, love waits and is understanding; but when it comes to the two of you being together or living happily ever after, love wants the future to be now. ...more

The Burning Question: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Our First Valentine's Day DH and I started dating right after Valentine's Day a long time ago....more

Valentine’s Day Is For Men, Too

Valentine’s Day is on Monday and I just want to send a shout out to all the men who enjoy the excuse to celebrate love. All the advertising is aimed at men buying things for women. It’s as if men aren’t allowed to like Valentine’s Day for it’s own sake, but only do it to please their female partners. Is enjoying Valentine’s an unmanly thing to do? Are only wimpy men romantic? I hardly think so. I know men who love the excuse to be romantic. Regardless of what you think of the marketing (it goes overboard, I’m sure) the idea behind Valentine’s Day is a lovely one....more

The Science of Kissing: Could the Pill Be at Fault For Your Bad Taste in Guys?

Opposites attract, goes the saying, and we all know about those sayings. With one exception: That of the major histocompatibility complex, or MHC, the group of genes that determines how our immune systems will deal with disease. In short, the more diverse your MHC, the better your chances of fighting off viruses, bacteria and other intruders. All of us inherit your MHC variations through your parents, who, while they didn’t quite sequence one another’s DNA before deciding to start a family, did -- however unknowingly -- biologically select for a distinct MHC type during courtship. ...more

I stopped taking the pill when I became engaged to my husband and relied on barrier birth ...more

Dating Older Men: What's TOO Old to You?

Any article that deals with age can be a sensitive one - but today, though I'm writing this in delicate tone, I'd like to ask wom...more

Since I was in my twenties, I've regularly been with partners 8 - 13 years older than I was. ...more