Relationship Communication 101

Does your man make a bad day better or worse? I think that’s the litmus test for whether you are in a healthy relationship or not—whether he can turn around your bad day or make it even worse. A man who can make you laugh or take your mind off things is a man who has cracked the code to a woman’s mind.  Because we get inside our own heads a lot and start overthinking things and over analyzing things, and sometimes we need someone to just grab us out of that mental meltdown and bring us back to reality. B...more

Breaking Up, Letting Go and Moving On

Two years ago, she would have done everything to convince him that he's healthy enough to have a relationship. She would have done more than returned the deep lingering kiss they exchanged at sunset. But this time she did none of that. She's no longer her sad stories. She's no longer ruled by heartbreak and inappropriate relationships with men who aren't capable of giving her what she wants and needs. ...more

Thank you for your comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. I'm about to pull out another ...more

Starting Over At 40

We live in an ever changing society. When you get married and buy a home, and have may think that is your life from that moment forward. And I hope that is the case for everyone. But unfortunately, many women find themselves at a crossroad in a time of their life, when they should be settled and secure in their future....more
what a truly inspirational posting thanks for sharing it.  Remember your experience is now your ...more

Blogger Guilt, The Life of a 32 Year Old Single Girl, and a Clothing Crisis

I have major guilt over the lack of entries in my blog entry.  I was so good at the beginning - I was blogging everyday.  But I didn't do what people told me to do...and now the guilt has set in.  I mean I was expecting it....I am Catholic after all.  There is always guilt! But in the blogging world there is no confessional.  So I can only keep moving forward and trying to do better and in the meantime, take my penance. As a peace offering, I offer up a story of today's panic attack which involved me possibly forgetting what I wore on my last da...more

The Soundtrack of My Life

“I miss you” is the soundtrack to my life right now.  When I wake up in the morning, “I miss you.”  When I come home from work, “I missed you so much today.”  When I go to bed at night, “I really do miss you.”  This soundtrack had been playing on repeat and I’m getting tired of the tune.  I’m so tired of the “miss yous” and “miss you toos.”  I’m tired of you saying those words to me. ...more

The Love We Share

The fullness of my love is pushing, pulling, pounding, gushing, throbbing, pulsing, rumbling to break through the walls of my heart.  This love is so intense, so rich, so immense that it’s overwhelming....more

Looking Back at Single Life

…Single girl life…it’s had many adventures. I had crushes on boys and tried to get them to notice me. I’ve had kisses with random boys and tried to get them to forget me. I’ve had days and weeks of uncertainty: is he going to call? Does he like me as me as I like him? Why did he stop talking to me?Single girl life brought many adventures, but the adventures I’ve been through since I’ve been in a relationship have been more intense, more meaningful....more

The Girrrl's Guide to Online Dating Profile Writing

Here’s your story: you are newly single or have been single for your whole life. Your friends and parents all too often ask you when you’re going to “find someone” and caution you about being “too picky.” You don’t really think you are picky; it’s just that the four guys you typically run into in a workday are not prime “man” material. So, you talk to your friend who has been doing some online dating. You’ve heard her stories and thought to yourself “Thank God. At least I’m not having to deal with all of that!” as you secretly were wishing you WERE dealing with all of that!...more

Sex on the First Date

He hands the waiter his credit card and you cross your legs, applying the correct amount of pressure just so that it numbs the sensation taking over your body....more