One step forward, two steps back…

I know relationship weren’t meant to be perfect but it seems to me that during this time that my boyfriend and I are on this “journey to understanding our relationship,” we would make a conscious effort to do things better than we’ve done before.  The purpose of this journey is to understand the significance of our relationship and what sacrifices we should make in order to strengthen the relationship.  However, if we are angry or frustrated with each other during this journey then it clouds the clarity that we are trying to achieve. ...more

How Not To Be With an Alpha Female

10. Be a Beta male. I can smell you coming a mile away. The man who is passive and insecure sends me packing. You have to be strong enough in your own right to express your needs and to call me on my BS. I appreciate a man who knows things, who has experienced things, not someone who is a spectator in life. ...more

Valentine's Day

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Single Women

What 10 habits are detrimental to a woman's self-worth, peace of mind, and ability to grow as an individual? Millen Umoh from Psych and the Single Girl breaks down the top ten things to watch out for as we make our way through the wild world of dating. ...more
" Let's start viewing ourselves as precious commodities, beauties of substance that are worth ...more

Finding happiness…

I fondly re-read these quotes today:  “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”James Oppenheim “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”Helen Keller...more

Happiness is finding calmness and steadiness in a midst of a minucia incident... and continuing ...more

Sex: To Wait Or Not To Wait?

In real life, Charlotte probably wouldn't be friends with "Samantha because -- as early as middle school -- sexual experience is the dividing line among females. It's a value judgment that we hurl at each other and then teach to guys, in the hopes that he'll pick us instead of them. Why are we still making the expression of our sexuality about him? ...more

I've been waiting for two or three years, and I don't know if this really is happening to ...more

Spiritual Journey: Day 3

It's Day 3 of our journey and we are already starting to feel closer and more in-tune with each other.  Just the fact that we both know that the other person is striving to make our relationship stronger and richer, is making our love more intense. We enjoy talking to each other even more because we are excited to hear what the other person has been learning in terms of the next phase of our relationship. ...more

The Next Phase: Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

Our journey toward building and understanding the significance of our relationship… Today marks the first day of our journey toward my boyfriend and I really understanding and confirming the role we play in each others’ lives. We believe we play a significant, lasting role; however, we want to be sure of that significance and that duration. Therefore, we are embarking on a spiritual journey toward finding those answers....more


Long-distance relationships are not easy. Very quickly, when there doesn't seem to be an end to the separation, every little thing can be jarring. Even the adventure of buying plane tickets for another meeting can quickly turn into a bitter disappointment as financial realities begin to seep into the the big picture of loving from a distance. ...more
I was in a long-distance relationship for nearly 5 months. We saw each other twice during that ...more

A Dance with Chance

When she began to trust others, she started to trust herself again. What she would learn is that trust doesn't only enable us to forge meaningful relationships with others, but also enables us to work toward our goals and dreams. It's all connected. It's all a dance. ...more

So curious as to who this "Chance" is. He sounds like a "Sheen," he might be a "Farrell" (but he ...more