Ring This Up

  Have you noticed the retail holiday season has been artificially expanding lately? Avoid pressure from the media, retailers or anyone to make holiday purchases....more

Searching for Chemistry

So I’m playing the dating game and it’s not a game a like to partake in, because it goes against the “authentic” Brooke I am trying to be in this part of my life.  But I feel like there is a certain, inevitable level of game-playing that must occur in the beginning of any dating situation in order to not hurt someone’s feelings.  For instance, I went on a date with this guy the other day and it was fine and went well, but honestly I just did not feel that raw, natural chemistry....more

Rules For The Dating Man

Rules For The Dating Man If your intention is to ask a woman out on a date her accepting your advance depends, first and foremost, on your approach.  So if you're sending the vibe that you're on the hunt you're just setting yourself up to fail.  Women like to play coy.  They want you to think they're so not interested in you, or any other man in the room.  That's because many women have been taught to believe that they're worth being purs...more


"It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it."  ~W....more

So I take it being the other women is your thing?

Men always joke about the "Bro Code" (which we can't even write without feeling stupid), but what about a code of honor for women? If feels like recently all these women have been bedding down married (or committed) men - from Leanne Rimes, Tiger's whores, to Jessie Jame's mistress. Not to mention all the women who slept with real life, non-celeb men and don't get called out....more

Adventures in New Dating - The Picky Factor

  I could never date someone who smokes. Shyness is a deal breaker. Long toes freak me out. Most people know what they don't want in a partner...more

Must Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

So I’m going on a date with this guy…why? Honestly, I’m not quite sure. I’m not quite sure why I danced with him at the club. I’m not quite sure why I gave him my number. I’m not quite sure why I agreed to go on a date. So I’m not quite sure how I got to this point with this man whom I didn’t even want to dance with, let alone go on a date with—except for the fact that he asked. That has to count for something, right? He asked to dance with me. He asked for my number. He asked if I would join him for dinner....more

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight Does the kind of love that we see in movies, and sometimes hear our friends boast about - how they met, fell in love the second they laid eyes on each other, and from that moment on were rarely apart - really exist? I want to believe in this kind of love. I really do.  After all, it's the ultimate romantic story. However, these days it rarely happens. ...more

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Procrastination is a combination of low energy and low focus.   Increase your focus by relating the d...more

Love Lessons From My Celebrity Love Affairs

I have many good reasons to question my taste in men. Fortunately, most of those reasons are in my imagination, as my real world taste is delicious, if not the cause of occasional indigestion (or emotional diarrhea, perhaps hives, periodic convulsions and flare-ups lasting more than 4 hours - but mostly tasty  and good for me.)...more

Great to hear that this introspective exercise may yeild some positive results. Too bad the ...more