Dating 101: Back to the Basics

I have been out of the dating game for a while, but I am still a fan of good, old-fashioned courting. Back in the day, dating seemed so much simpler – maybe because there weren’t as many distractions (i.e., social media). But now that we are in the digital era, is it generally more difficult to connect with people on a more personal level? I mean really connect. I hear the dating horror stories and all I can do is shake my head....more

5 Reasons You Might Be Single

TataIf you are happily single then this post might not be for you. But if you aspire to be in a serious relationship or even married these are 5 things you may want to consider. Now please understand this is in no way a comprehensive list but this is something to help you jump start a positive dating lifestyle....more
dkweiss  how annoying is that. Bringing up the past is sucks lolmore

When Body Shaming Becomes a Regular Part of Your Interactions With Your Date

It happened with two of my most beloved friends. One of them broke up with the guy who was expert in providing IT managed services and another one ignored it and went ahead to marry him. Your boyfriend calls you fat, short, plump and what not but declares he loves you....more

Run from These Three Guys

When I started dating, my life felt like a Fellini movie.  I’d been with one person for thirty-two years, so going out was shiny and hyper-real.  But after a while, dating became sitting around Starbucks listening to some guy in software sales lament his failed relationships.  (240 calories per 16 oz chai latte.)...more

Help! My Husband Sleeps With Everybody!

The first time (that I know of) he cheated was the most devastating.  I was naïve in the beginning and he always went to great lengths to make up for his wrongdoings.  Similar to a physically abusive mate, he would buy really nice gifts when I would catch him in an indiscretion....more

4 Ways Being a Friend Can Make You Better at Dating

Worried you don’t have enough dating experience to bring to your love life? Well, dating experience is totally overrated. Instead, work hard on your dearest friendships! Here’s why!...more

How Raising My Son is Like Dating an Asshole

Since becoming a parent I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to analyze the whole new set of emotions that come with the job.  I knew that having a kid would take a lot of mental effort, but I didn’t realize it would be a form of psychological warfare.Lately I’ve been exceptionally confused by what I recognize as a slightly familiar feeling – one of aching love mixed with desperation and a dash of irrationality - and then it hit me: I’m in a totally dysfunctional relationship. Although instead of dating the guy, I’m raising him. ...more

Cheap and Free Summer Date Ideas

Coming up with unique yet affordable date ideas can be difficult. Often couples will find themselves in the rut of only doing dinner/movie dates, and getting bored of them. Maybe you can’t think of any other unique date ideas, or maybe you think fun and unique has to equal expensive. But it doesn’t! Summer is the perfect time to mix it up, head outside, and try something new with your significant other. Today I’m sharing some cheap and free summer date ideas that we should all be trying!...more

A Very Long Conversation

Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now

Everyone must have a soulmate, right? However, I don’t believe it always comes in the form of a husband or a wife, I believe it can also come in the form of a friend, hence why they call your soulmate your “other half”. Something else I believe is that some of us may have more than one soulmate, some may have four. And the sad truth of it all is that some of us will encounter the presence of all of them, and many of us won’t ever meet a single one of them at all. It may not be meant to work with one, but it may work with the other, and that’s just how I think life works....more