Settle for Less: Is Fear a Factor When It Comes To Having Awesome Relationships?

While I'm always up for a good story,  I won't let myself be cast in a role where someone's simplified idea of destiny prevails over my own free will, intuition and hard work. ...more

Are You In Or Out? 10 Ways To Know For Sure

 Is the person you are dating into you? Is this person ready to commit? ...more
I left so much of this up to guesswork in my previous relationships... with my current ...more

Men vs. Women; Major difference in brain wiring

I'm fascinated in the differences between men and women - psychologically, socially, physically and mentally. So this research about the genders' brains being wired differently really intrigues me!Neuroscientists at U Penn found the following when researching the brains of males and females ages 8 to 22:1. Females had more connectivity between the two hemispheres in the supratentorial region of the brain. This is were the cerebrum is located.vs.Males had more connectivity WITHIN each hemisphere.and...more

3 Reasons Why He Didn't Call...

3 Reasons Why He Didn't Call...     Dating sucks. First dates especially suck. It's like your interviewing someone to decide whether or not they will play a role in your life and, let's be frank, gain access to your lady parts. So, you meet a guy (or girl), exchange numbers, text for a few days, talk on the phone and decide you are interested, then comes the first date. Excitement at this point is at an all time high....more

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I read the whole Hunger Games series.  I can't wait to see the movie today.  Being a non-avid reader of fiction, this is a major accomplisment for me to read a current book and then wait to see the movie.  I am still stuck on Harry Potter books.  The movies make more sense after reading the books.  I will write a review afterwards....more

North carolinians scammed for millions dating online

Linda was ripped off for $8,000 all because she believed Greg was whom he said he was. Linda, from North Carolina, was nabbed by an online crook who promised her love.This year, 17 (possibly more) such victims have reported a dating scam that has cost them a combined $700,000, says the North Carolina Attorney General’s office. The typical victim is a woman in her early 60s. One victim sent her online Casanova nearly $1.3 million....more

10 Signs You're Dating a Gay Guy

Like many of you, I fell prey to the allure of online dating.  After the silver fox forced me to live the plot line of a Lifetime movie, I took a year long dating hiatus.  8 months of that was spent moving, filing police reports and getting a restraining order.  But  as the New Year encroached I felt I was READY.*cue empowering music*...more

3 Reasons Why He Didn't Call...

3 Reasons Why He Didn't Call... ...more

Apparently a picture's worth a whole lot!

I have never been big on makeup.  In fact, I haven’t really worn any at all (or owned any) since a banquet in grade 11 when I thought I should wear it to impress a boy.  It didn’t impress the boy, and at that moment, at 16 years old, I decided I didn’t care and that I was attractive enough without it.  Before that, it had been Halloween in Grade 6…. My complexion is fine, my skin is fine, I didn’t need makeup, so I haven’t bothered since Grade 11....more