Hillary Shines in First Democratic Debate

Coming into the first Democratic presidential debate as a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, I felt confident because I expected her to be well prepared and well versed on the issues. On the other hand, I feared she might be mischaracterized or attacked unfairly. Luckily she brought her A game....more
I agree that Hillary did really well at the debate, actually most of the candidates did. And ...more

Old Enough To Speak?

Walking the line between providing your children with a moral, ethical or cultural compass with which to function in society and allowing them the freedom to form their own opinions and be their own person can be tricky....more

The great D 'e' bate: Books or e readers?

It was not until I started this blog that I became aware of the disdain that 'e' reading is held in across the bookish community.Blissfully unaware, as I was, of the debate raging between traditionalists and technophiles regarding the best way to access reading matter, I had no qualms about calling my blog after my cheeky and troubling addiction to my own Kindle. You see, I innocently assumed that reading was, well, reading, regardless of whether the words you read were printed in ink or pixels.  ...more
I love my Kindle!  I can carry 50+ books on me at any time, and download a new one in less than ...more

There IS an Enlightened Middle Majority and Maybe I Should Have Googled It

It is midnight, with a looming government shutdown, and we are at an impasse over needed but flawed Healthcare Reform....more

R&F Redefine.. Myth or reality?

So, back in may I was introduced to Rodan&Fields. You might be asking yourself how, why.. Well, I used to have percfect skin, not a blemish in sight and then... Kaboom! Wham! Bham! Thank you ma'am! My left cheek had a colony of hard, red, angry zits. I tried everything, and I mean everything to get rid of them but nothing worked. Then, one day while complaining about it with my doctor she suggested I try R&F skin care line.. At that point I wasn't so sure about it, I mean if Proactie couldn't help me how could anything else?...more

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Time OutThe debate that has raged on since Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857: Over or Under?...more

Preschool for our children

I've been listening to the debate about kids going to preschool and if the government should provide it.  I have heard that children who go to preschool have a higher likelihood of success in adult life.I'm concerned about putting kids in school too early.  Not against it but have concerns....more

The "happy holidays" social media controversy

If you have been on any level of social media in the past seven days, you have doubtlessly seen the posts.  All over the blogsphere people are up in arms over the civil and polite "happy holidays," touting the "right" to say "merry christmas" to anyone, everyone, and especially those who don't celebrate christmas. ...more


I was raised evangelical "born-again" christian and raised with a fiercely "pro-life" point of view which I kept long into my adult years, after I converted to Wicca and came to follow the calling of my heart with the Goddess.  All of my family remains "born again" and as fiercely pro-life as I was as a teenager -- before I knew there were other religions besides Christianity. ...more

And the winner is...Gary Johnson?

More of the same rhetoric and bitch-slap ineffectual sparring between Obama and Romney left the two tied--again. And still....more