Invite the Summer into Your Home with Tropical Wallpapers

The tropical wallpapers craze is making the rounds once again, but with a bolder, better range of prints. The gorgeous summer wallpaper designs by PIXERS I chose today feature loud, eye catching colors and are absolutely stunning!...more

Decorate Your Dream Home by Adjusting Your Mindset

How long have you been in your home?  Do you absolutely love it? Do you get the warm fuzzies when you walk in?  If you have to think about it and you don't absolutely LOVE what you see & how you feel when you walk in the door, it may be because you're making one or more BIG decorating mistakes.Let me help you get past that.  This is not a list of things to physically do or stop doing.  And it's not another list of designer do's and don'ts....more

Quick and Easy: Hanging Planter


A Trick to Bringing Life Into Any Room

Pssst...want to know a way to add charm and character into any room? Just add some greenery! Recently, I added a medium-sized plant near my reading nook, and it immediately became an instant focal point. The moment I walk into my room, my eyes immediately goes to its vibrant leaves and uneven branches. It really just adds an incredible vibrancy to the space....more

We'll Be Blue Without You: A Farewell Party

Recently, we had to say goodbye to a dear friend. Someone whose presence has been a constant in our lives for the better part of a decade. It was hard. I was forlorn. So I did what I do. I threw myself into a party. Because when I don't know what to do, I bake. And craft and generally do all of the things until I feel too exhausted to be anything but exhausted. It always works and plus, I get cookies for days. There's some comfort in that....more

Flower Bouquet Workshop


French Country Design


My Thrifted Bar Cart


Are You A Design Chicken?

Well…are you a design chicken?Do you feel safe with beige? Does color scare you? Have you thought about weening yourself off beige? Yikes!Here’s the good news…paint (apparently I’m not done talking PAINT) is one of the most cost effective ways to introduce color into your beige world....more