Make This Gorgeous Canvas-Mounted Print for a Fraction of the Cost

I am a total print junkie. I love prints! I love finding them, I love making them, I love blowing them up and printing them out. And I recently, discovered I love the canvas look almost as much as a framed print. All you need is the right photo, and you can have a gallery look for a fraction of the gallery cost!...more

Easiest & Cheapest Artwork You Will Ever Do

Hey guys. Just so you know I haven’t forgot about you. I have just been super busy with school. End of semester is coming so they load on the assignments and of course exams are coming up. Anyways I just wanted to tell you about the art work I did for our bathroom. It was TOO easy and SO cheap… yet still looks great. So here it is: ...more

Ugly...No more !!

Ugly...No more!!  It has been sooo long since I have posted...BUT, I've been busy! Yes, busy renovating a new HaPpY, FUN,summer lake house....more

Our Accidental Profession

Our Accidental Profession....OMG!! In the past year Another Girl's Treasure has grown leaps and bounds.  Where we started at and where we are now...oh man! ...more

Around the house...finding the right size light

AROUND THE HOUSE WITH CEILING LIGHT SIZES...  It's that time of year when lighting and furniture is on

5 Easy Ways To Add Fall Decor Into Your Home

Last week was the official start of fall. I started to feel excited about the smells, the sienna-colored trees, and the seasonal celebrations. All these things create a beautiful atmosphere in my own house, but how do I incorporate the fall colors and smells into my home without breaking the bank? ...more
olive_shoe Yummy!! that's a great idea. Sometimes I put coffee beans in a small vase, the smell ...more

Apartment Tour | Living and Dining Room

It's been awhile since my last post, life happened and I took a little break from blogging. But I am back and I thought I'd start things off with a sneak peek of my new apartment. I moved into my own space at the beginning of June, with just my bedroom furniture and a few dishes. Slowly over the last few months I have acquired furniture and furnishings (a big thanks to my parents) and made this space my own. The bedroom and kitchen still need a little work, so I'll save that part of the tour for another day. ...more

Transitional Wall Decor

As time goes by we slowly find our home coming together – one room at a time we are able to decorate and make it our own. The first room I wanted to concentrate on is also my favorite room – the sun room, or what I like to call my breakfast nook. My love for color and brightness definitely shines through in this area – I am a firm believer that the decor you surround yourself with plays a vital role in a happy and healthy life....more

Dollar Store Decor For FallI don’t generally do a lot of decorating for the seasons and holidays, but this year I am turning ove

I don’t generally do a lot of decorating for the seasons and holidays, but this year I am turning over a new leaf and at least ATTEMPTING to decorate a bit. Due to the unforeseen loss of my husband’s vehicle, we don’t exactly have a lot of money in the “decorating fund” right now, so I did what any logical, poor person would do. Headed to the dollar store!...more
I love the table arrangement. It is so colorful. I am going to decorate with my Dollar Store ...more

DIY Towel Bar

DIY Towel Bar ...more