We Didn't Need a Stud or a Stud Finder

 Hanging curtains isn't easy. At least it wasn't for me and my friend Carrie. We spent a good portion of our day learning, through trial and error, some tips that we could share with you. But first I am going to break down my Ikea haul......more

DIY Home Decor - String Art!

Ikea Shopping Adventure

Moving into a new space has given me a chance to reevaluate my current space and redesign and simplify it for the future. Monday night I met up with my dear friend Autumn, she is a budget guru and is sweetly helping me work on revamping mine. (Thanks Autumn!) After about 45minutes of going over the numbers she and I came up with a budget of $300 that I could spend on getting items for my new room and bathroom....more

Creative uses for Spooky Halloween Birds

Spooky bird decorations for Halloween? Love them. Can't get enough of them. I have more than a few sitting around and it hit me that they should be doing something. Just look at this guy standing there. He needs a job. ...more
The Birds scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. I love that movie, lol. - Denisemore

And so it begins...

 We are moving house this month. In preparation for this, we've already had a garage sale to downsize before the move. And... we had a painting party, our new space needed a little love. A few of our amazing friends came over for the day and helped us bust out the whole house. It was awesome. (Thanks again friends!...more

Fourth Decor


June 2013 Wish List!

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.com...more

Planning Your Outdoor Space? 7 Great Ideas!

Whether your outdoor space allows you to lounge poolside or sip lemonade on a balcony, you'll need some inspiration to put together your perfect oasis. Below I've gathered a variety of my favorites! Take a look and start planning....more

Kitchen Designs: Trends and Styles

Cooking and Kitchen Designs are synonymous for me. Being able to make something stunning in a beautiful kitchen is an experience in itself. I love my kitchens - both at my home in Melbourne and at my beach house in Venus Bay - both are very different settings, one being simple contemporary and the other very French Provincial. Today I thought I would share some of my daydreaming...kitchens that are just simply house beautiful!!...more
Thanks for the comments lovelies...   I am a big renovator and refuse to pay anything full price ...more