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June 2013 Wish List!

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Planning Your Outdoor Space? 7 Great Ideas!

Whether your outdoor space allows you to lounge poolside or sip lemonade on a balcony, you'll need some inspiration to put together your perfect oasis. Below I've gathered a variety of my favorites! Take a look and start planning....more

Kitchen Designs: Trends and Styles

Cooking and Kitchen Designs are synonymous for me. Being able to make something stunning in a beautiful kitchen is an experience in itself. I love my kitchens - both at my home in Melbourne and at my beach house in Venus Bay - both are very different settings, one being simple contemporary and the other very French Provincial. Today I thought I would share some of my daydreaming...kitchens that are just simply house beautiful!!...more
Thanks for the comments lovelies...   I am a big renovator and refuse to pay anything full price ...more

How can I redefine my bedroom?

What is the Meaning of the Color Green?

Spring makes its entrance dressed in green.  Bare branches slowly unfold their array of lime, olive, pistachio, jade, and emerald hues.  Snow melts revealing green sprouts, mosses and buds.  Green signifies the renewal of life as bare trees leaf out in splendor and sleeping bulbs awaken to poke their heads through the earth....more

Spring Into Yellow

The color yellow has strong symbolism associated with it....more

AD visits Elton John and John Legend

As I was skimming Architectural Digest earlier, I became completely captivated by two musicians’ homes: Elton John and John Legend. And since the Grammy’s are on Sunday night, there couldn’t be a better time to share my findings with you all! Not only are both icons extremely musically talented, but they both have a gift for interior design as well. Check out their homes! ...more

Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spray paint DIY and product review

I have been wondering what to do privacy wise with the bathroom window as well as the sliding glass patio doors in my bedroom for awhile now. Both are clear glass. The patio doors do have curtains  but I enjoy opening the curtains for sunlight once in awhile.  The bathroom window looks out over the backyard and is just low enough to give the yard guy or the gas meter reader a shock....more