Considering Bunk Beds? A how to primer.

Their room at the old house.<...more

Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

I took down my Christmas decorations two weeks ago and decided that I was in SERIOUS need of an interior overhaul.Ok, that’s being a wee bit dramatic, but I really needed to spruce up my shelves, tables, desk, countertops, etc....more

Pine Cone Decor

Decorating with metallic silver pine cones is cheap, easy and pretty. Even better, they bring the outdoors in for the cold months by using pine cones. Silver is lovely in January right up to Valentine's Day. The centerpieces in particular are smashing for the winter months and make your table really pop. And I love unique gift toppers - what about you?  ...more

Swanky House Love!!

 Hi!  Some of you really liked the vintage kitchen post I did a few weeks ago so when I saw this local real estate listing I knew I had to share the pics!  The home was a custom built mid century modern home.  While this isn't my favorite vintage home style I loved this home's spacious rooms and abundance of natural light.  It was built in 1957....more

easy last minute pumpkin DIYs!

i love pumpkins! and look at all these fun last minute easy pumpkin DIYs!...more


Who doesn't love a freebie?!  The super frugal part of me loves salvaging, recycling, or restoring  items left on the sidewalk for dumpster doomsday.   I do have standards - "ix-nay" on cruddy couches, old mattresses, and the mounds of cheesy stuff.  Ew.  But, oh boy, my enthusiasm goes through the roof whenever I come across anything that has loads of potential and boasts good quality. Honestly, I can't believe some of the stuff folks toss to the curb!   Yes...I guess you can call me a "curbside shopper."  ...more

Fall Decor: Gold Painted Branches

As I have gotten older one of the things I really like to do is subtly incorporate the changing of seasons in our home....more

The Goldilocks of Halloween Decorating

Growing up, my family only decorated the house for Christmas, no other holidays. It just wasn't my mom's thing. I do remember one ceramic jack-o-lantern shaped candle holder and I loved getting it out when I was young. (I still have it and my kids know how important it is to me.) As I got older, I'd bring home bales of hay, cornstalks, and pumpkins to create a fall facade on our front porch. ...more

Your Home Decor: A Starting Point

 Have you just moved into your first apartment, and are wondering how to begin setting up your home decor? Depending on where you live, space can be very limited, and frequently condos and apartments lack character along with space.The tips below will give you a place to start by adding storage and a bit of character. Once you have the “outline” of your room, you can begin filling in with art and knick-knacks and special lighting—all the special touches that reflect you. ...more

Why I Bother to Decorate a Temporary Living Space - Apartment

When Hubby and I first moved into our apartment, I  had no intention of decorating. I figured that I would only be living here with Hubby for a short time. Boy, was I wrong! We've been living  in our 3rd story apartment now for about two and a half years....ever since we were first married! {Here's my post on living minimally in our little apartment} While I accept this as necessary for now, I am quite ambitious to eventually buy a home....more