Fall In Love With Henry & Belle Denim. We Did!

Dear Fashionistas,We are beyond thrilled to welcome Henry & Belle to Fashionista Chicago! A premium denim brand rooted in heritage, style and philanthropy, the story of Henry & Belle traces back to 1931. Their names were Henry and Belle, and their love story began in the streets of Chicago. Henry Mann, a young designer, and Belle, a fitting model fell in love and married in1932. As the story goes, Belle was Henry’s vision of perfection: a woman who was confident yet caring, chic yet natural. She looked good. She did good....more

Friday Favorites...

Friday Favorites...  My wardrobe is not formal by any means so I tend to keep my look comfy & casual....more

Lee Denim Styling Session.

I’m a bit of a denim hound– no matter how many pairs of jeans I own, I never seem to have enough and I’m always on the hunt for a new pair. It’s a sickness. (There are worse things to be afflicted by, I’m sure.) So you can imagine my excitement when Lee Jeans contacted me to review a few pairs of their newer fits + washes. Check out how I styled each below....more

upcycled hair bows!

from the chatty mommy ...more

Big Bow-ty Gracie

Accentuating Your ASS-ets...more

HOW TO: Permanently Glitter a Denim Jacket

My daughter, Maya, has a fun tutorial on how to glitter a denim jacket - pernamently!CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more
I love that jacket! It brings back memories - my sister made me one similar when I was in high ...more

In Defense of Jeggings

When I was a few months pregnant with my second kid, skinny jeans hit the fashion scene in a big way. And I -- fearing the unfamiliar, and getting rounder every day -- laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking, "HA! There's no WAY I will ever wear something as ridiculous as skinny jeans! Not for the next seven or so months, and not ever." And then I would shake my head. Smugly. I viewed the concept as ludicrous; a style that was bound to be unflattering, silly, and...sausage-casing-y. ...more

I held out against skinny jeans for a long time because of bad 80's memories. But I found a pair ...more