Letters from Team 19: Strength, Fear and Phone Calls

Being strong during a deployment means lots of things.People may think we just have to be strong to get through 6 months, or 9 months or 12 months apart.People may think we have to be strong to meet all the day to day challenges of life with out our other half by our side for such long periods of time.Maybe they think we have to be strong to say Goodbye.And it's true, we need a lot of strength for those things.But sometimes we need the most strength just to get through a phone call with our soldier....more

The Deployment: The End

Q was deployed for 353 days.50 weeks.11 1/2 months.He missed his birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and Valentine's Day.There were times we didn't talk for 2 weeks and others when we talked multiple times a day....more

I've Got a Feeling

Do you ever have moments of intuition? You can just sense or feel something is going to happen?This happens to me a lot actually. It can be big things and it can be small things. I don’t think it has anything to do with my powers of observation because let’s face it…I’m not very observant unless I really put my mind to it....more

...And Everything In Its Place

            It started with planning.  Planning meals, planning events, planning homework schedules.  The planning became a compulsion, a temporary world where (if the spreadsheet was done right and the colors complemented each other) everything made sense....more

Deployment: 9 Months In

Q's new office...more

Deployment: 8 Months In

8 months in3/4 of the way through244 days down121 days left (approximately)Time flies....more

Sacrifice: The Military wife

I found this quote through a girlfriend today. It hit home, not because I think I'm a Saint, but it gives you hope when you're feeling frustrated with your situation. ...more
thank you so much! @jacquelineparismore

The One Percent

Stacey at Twenty-Something Misadventures featured a pretty interesting way to look at the life of a deployed service member and their family yesterday. It was a “numbers collage” and it broke down what a service member and his or her family missed during deployments. Stacey pointed out something that many people overlook…only 1% of the entire U.S. population is currently serving in the military. One percent!...more
Yep. My list actually looks quite similar to yours. And my daughter's list, too.more

This House is Not a Home

There are days the panic starts to take over. Days that you wonder what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and if it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.  It’s so easy to ignore the big questions and just keep pushing forward, because momentum is good.  It makes you feel like something is getting accomplished. ...more

Deployment: Staying Connected

Q and I are lucky that about 6 weeks ago his unit got satellite computers and phones installed in their COP (where he lives with his guys). What this meant for us was that instead of getting a phone call every Saturday at 2 or 3AM, we now could talk regularly. It has made the world of difference. Before, I used to make a list of things to talk about since I was afraid that I would forget them once he called. Now, it’s almost like a long distance relationship....more