I Don't Remember Much of My Son's First Year

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little motherhood secret -- I don’t remember much about Weston’s first year. There -- I said it. Out loud. On the Internet. Most of my memories are tied to pictures; physical proof that he was indeed an infant once. I am sure there are a plethora of reasons why I don’t remember -- sleep deprivation, a deployed husband, wine (just kidding), not working, etc… I have trouble remembering the new baby smell and how his three-month old body would rest against mine....more
I can't picture any of my sons faces as babies. I feel awful that I can't find those memories. I ...more

Less Than a Week

Chest tight, heart pounding...I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest and it's hard to breathe.  Tears are very close to the surface and I struggle to keep it together just as much as I struggle to eat my ahi tuna wontons and goat cheese salad.  Keep breathing.  Keep breathing.  "Take my pulse."  "What?"  "Take my pulse," I say again to my sister the RN.  "I don't have a watch."  "Use your phone," I tell her, "Please, my chest is so tight."  She pulls out her phone and puts her fingers on my wrist (how do nurses always know the rig...more

My Life Interrupted :: Parenting During Deployment (Guest Blogger)

A warm welcome to Erin, thoughtful and eloquent mom of three~ telling the story of her life interrupted (in a way that is perhaps more common in the US than for us Canadians?).  If you have a parenting story to tell, or something to share and you are interested in guest blogging here at BTRT, drop me a line! ...more

The Return From Iraq: When Coming Home Is Not Homecoming

Intact. We use it when “things” are “not broken,” when they are still “working.” And we use it sometimes to gloss over the hidden fissures…the cracks that deepen under stress and strain. My husband returned from Iraq on October 31, 2006 -- four and a half years ago. My husband, for whom I had waited so many months, came home but he never had a homecoming. He returned intact but with a crucial piece missing -- his men. ...more

Thank you everyone for your supportive words! This was almost as tough to share as it was to ...more

In the life of a Military Wife

            Getting ready to move, again. This time next year we’ll be somewhere else in the world. Where? Don’t know, but I would love to go overseas. I enjoy the travel, seeing different places and cultures. The hard part is the packing, leaving your friends behind, and making new ones. Having to explain to the kids that you are moving because of daddy’s job....more

That was kind of the spirit in which I meant it. I appreciate your response, I wished you had ...more

Welcome to the New Normal: Military Life in 2010

I grew up in the military. My father was a career Air Force officer, so I've never known a life without uniforms, parental absences or jet noise. For me, a jet flying overhead is not a source of fear (think post-9/11 in DC or New York), but one of overwhelming pride. Our country is far from perfect, but it takes a special person to agree to defend it with your life. And it takes a special person to love someone you know can never put family before country. ...more

It was nice to read where another spouse has the same basic feelings. My husband has been ...more

Things You Should Say to a Military Spouse

There have been a lot of tongue in cheek posts on the Web about what the general public should not say to a military spouse. You'd be amazed at the ignorant, hurtful, and downright stupid things that people say to military spouses. Or, if you are a military spouse, maybe you wouldn't because you've probably had some of them said to you. Sometimes people don't realize how incredibly stupid they sound, sometimes they don't realize how ignorant they are, and sometimes they are just downright mean and judgmental. ...more

Deployment Blues

Here I sit surrounded by dogs in my parents house all alone. My parents went on vacation this week while I packed up my apartment and put it all in storage. My loving husband Alec has been deployed and I didn't want to stay by myself. So instead I came to stay at my parents for few weeks and then head to the East Coast on my own adventure....more

And Yeeeerrrrr Outta Here!!!!!!

Before I get started on my current tribulation, I have a cutie update. The girls dispense the cute faster then I can remember to write this stuff down. If batteries weren't so expensive I could keep a tape recorder going non stop. My 3 year old, on the way home from gymnastics, informed me that her butt hurt....more