Hanging out with grandma

My son loves spending time with his grandparents. Specifically, he likes spending time with his grandparents when I am not around. And I can respect that: He has a special relationship with them and doesn't need me around to develop it. And that works out well for all of us. His grandparents can set their own rules and spoil him to their hearts' content, and my son can enjoy the love and attention from another group of people....more
I loved my maternal grandmother. She was awesome. I wish I could have spent more time with her ...more

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression

If you are here, you might be thinking you have depression or maybe you know you have depression and you don't know how to bring it up to your doctor. Maybe you've talked to your family and you have decided it is time to talk to your doctor, but you don't really know where to start. I'll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips on how to talk to your doctor about depression. ...more

Does "Natural" Treatment Work for Depression?

Not for everyone. Not all of the time.Angel Chang recently posted on LittleThings.com "The 10 best natural ways to treat depression." (See http://www.aol.com/article/2015/11/06/the-10-best-natural-ways-to-treat-...) While she does acknowledge that "clinical depression is triggered from within, and very often need[s] medical attention" and "it's imperative to consult your physician if you notice an abrupt change in your mood, feelings, or sense of well-being," her article is about "easy" ways to treat depression yourself....more

What If ...... Triggering Depression

What if I chose the right coping mechanism… What if I went on believing people…. What if I chose not to bottle up all the feelings …..  I’m just going to cite the Mayo Clinic website: We don’t exactly know what causes depression. Most think that it is a combination of biology (genetics, hormones, brain construct, etc) and environmental trigger factors such as illness, abuse, death of loved ones. ...more

Making positivity cool

I try very hard to stay a positive person. Yes, I have backup plans if things go wrong and like everyone I have off-kilter days, but generally speaking, I like to think that life will go my way. And I have noticed that I am the happiest when I am hanging out with like-minded positive people: Happiness spreads happiness....more

Finding Hope!


The problems of a picky eater

At one point of my childhood, I stopped eating meat. It was a phase and didn't last too long, and my Mother just dealt with it by giving me lots of veggies. (Sorry, Mom!) When she tells this story today, she remarks that it was good timing because my brother was going through a phase of not eating vegetables and everything evened out....more

Depression, Food Addiction & My Favorite "F" Word

It's no secret that what you eat determines how you feel....more

The hardest blog post I've ever written.

This is, by far, the hardest blog post I’ve ever written…it’s taken me a year to process things and emotions and I’m finally ready to share. I didn’t have to share it, and for awhile didn’t think I would, but maybe someone somewhere will read it and not feel alone, because I felt alone for so long. Just over a year ago, life was good. My mom and stepdad had moved to Michigan, which was happy surprise and something I’d never expected....more

8 Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with, some openly and some more privately. I’m lucky that my anxiety has typically been fairly minor, but that’s not the case with everyone. One of the many things blogging has done for me is to teach me that I’m not even close to alone in my struggle with anxiety....more