Baby Blues or Depression

None of the baby books I read really addressed what happens after a baby is born.  I mean, unless it was about what to expect from the baby.  I found it to be an overlooked subject that could have helped me in confusion about first-time motherhood.I remember all the stories of how the pain goes fades away to exceeding joy at your new bundle of joy.  Yes, I wanted to hold her, but I don't know that I felt exceeding joy.  Terror and fear is more like it....more

10 Tips For Helping a Loved One Through Depression

My husband practically whispered it. "Honey, I don't know what to do to help you right now." "I don't know either." I think back on those horrible days I spent fighting to get out of my own dark well. Nothing else hurts that bad. I'm brought back to it every single time I hear someone else is fighting their own demons of depression. As a psychologist, I'm often asked, "What can I do to help my spouse/child/friend who is depressed?" While the answer of every person suffering through depression might be a tad different, in my experience, the answer always comes back to the need to feel loved, accepted, and not alone. ...more
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What The Snow Queen Can Teach About Depression

I've been meaning to read this fairy tale for years, and I'm so glad I finally did. It's beautiful, and it's such a perfect illustration of everything it takes to overcome mental illness that I really have to share. (Pause: yes, this is the Hans Christian Andersen story they took as their inspiration for Frozen, but the two bear only a passing resemblance....more

Depression and the Autism Parent

I'm at Starbucks typing this blog post at the insistence of my husband, who saw a dark cloud settling over me and knew I needed some time alone. For most of this year, I've had a decently positive attitude about my son's autism diagnosis....more

Happiness has a bounty

When did it become so unsafe to leave your home? When you chose happiness! That's it. Above your mistakes, regrets, failures, put downs, shut downs, let downs, secrets, private moments, split second decisions- when you choose your life and you muffled your pain with the fabric of your smile- you silenced your fears and agreed with your past. Dealt with your truths, flaunted your flaws, fell in love with your hardships. Chronologically organized your issues and dealt with them accordingly....more

Counseling: A Solution for Depression

I wrote here about being happy, but when I wrote the article, I left out one key component that prevents people from attaining happiness:  the ugly scourge of depression. As a person who suffers from bipolar disorder, I am no stranger to depression and have had several prolonged bouts with it in my past. ...more

Don't Let Depression Steal Your Christmas

This won't be the usual "How to Survive the Holidays" post. I won't recite to you what you can find on WebMD, PsychCentral or the Mayo Clinic's website about holiday depression. I probably cannot give you tips on how to make it through the next few weeks with some sense of sanity. I can't write that post because I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It's not something I simply want to get through. Even though it threatens to kill me every year. ...more
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So, I've got this Prozac in my purse.

For five days, I could hear the sound of defeat clinking around from inside my purse. To the unsuspecting ear, it could have been an innocent box of TicTac mints or a traveling supply of Advil. But to me it was the sound of concession. Of giving in to something I have fought for the last three years. For five days, during each moment of stress or anxiety I would look at my purse, as if I was willing it to give me sign. I could almost hear it whispering, "Let me help you..."I have postpartum depression....more

God Provides for Us in the Storms

Top 3 Expressive Therapeutic Writing Tips

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