B is for Bah Humbug


Me:1, Razor Blade: 0

It's hard to think of something to write when you are filled to the brim with apathy....more
Thanks, Denise. I agree.more

One Day I'll Get There

Yesterday the only thing I wanted to do was make it to church....more

What Makes YOU Happy?

I have spent the majority of the day on the computer. I have been working on my blog, trying to find new readers and trying to reach out to read the blogs of other people....more

On falling into that vacuum

The other day  L'Wren Scott, a noted fashion designer, reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her Manhattan apartment.She was 49, and news of her death shook me.I didn't know her of course. I knew her name though--I'd seen it in magazines, accompanying photos of celebrities wearing her clothes--beautiful pieces that were both modern and retro cool. ...more

What They Don't Tell You About Anxiety

When "demons" are depicted in scripts or drawings, they tend to follow the same trope. You've got your protagonist, seemingly fine, walking along, and following her, there are these entities. Sometimes these are actually drawn beings to personalize the "demons", sometimes they are simply words trailing the protagonist. Things that sometimes don't reach the ears, but sometimes catch up, and take hold....more

Neglectful Sticker Maintenance