Part 13, Loss

Hey readers!!! It's Story time Sunday! I've been trying to get the word out more on my book. I'm having a wonderful and eye-opening experience writing it, and I really want to be able to inspire others with me. Please keep reading and share my blog so that others can benefit from my story :) Here is the next portion: ...more

Mothers Get Better with Age

This much is clear to me about being a mother. Age makes us better. Death makes us extraordinary....more

Challenging Stigmas & an Imperfect System

Post has been edited. Updated version coming soon. If you are depressed or dealing with any other mental illness, please get help. Ask family, ask a friend, ask a co-worker, ask a neighbor. Call a hotline. It’s a good thing to ask for help. You are not a burden. There are resources if you don’t have insurance or lack the money for treatment.Do not give up....more
4lala on Blogher again? Look at you rockstar!!!more

Be Busy or Else! Mastering a 21st Century Malady

 It’s 3.23pm and I’m still in my pj’s. Another day wasted....more

Part 12, Deep in thought

Hey readers!  It's time for another weekly blog post. I have started a new job so I haven't had a lot of energy to write this past week so hopefully I can get back into this week so I'll have a nice, long post :) Enjoy this portion! ...more

Finding My Calm

It sometimes reminds me of a spring or summer storm. There is always a gray darkness to it, sometimes almost black or sometimes a scary tornado-is-coming yellow. Some days it is steady and dull and constant; others it comes in fast and furious with beating heart and cold hands. It can be expected, like an accurate forecast; or it can spring up out of nowhere, like a cloud burst in a sky that was blue only moments ago.  ...more

Words left unsaid

The past tastes of sorrow and painA different boy had my heart then.When it came to the end, the words  unsaid left a bitter taste in my mouth.When it came to say goodbye on the phone, there was silence which was usually filled with “I love you”.The silence, the hesitation, the sigh, the hang up tone tore through me. It lay open the brokenness of our relationship.It exposed your unwillingness to fix it.All the things unsaid were enough to tear my world down. I could feel your disdain and what felt like hatred radiate from across our distance....more

Why materialism is linked to depression

It's not really a shocker that materialism is tied to depression, is it? So when I ran across this article, "Materialistic people 'more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied'" I thought, this is news? there were some interesting take-aways:...more

Note to My 19-Year Old Self