Depression Ever After: An inside look at the life of a "normal" girl living with Depression.

Depression Ever After is my personal blog about living with Depression. I have been living with Depression since I was 14 years old, and wasn't diagnosed until I was about 21. I decided to share my Depression story through this blog in the hopes of challenging the stigma against mental illness, and giving a voice to those who have not yet found their own....more

Keeping up with Mrs. Jones

I know lots of moms. Some are crafty, some are incredibly active and others are unbelievably excellent cooks. Then there are the ones who make the whole work/life thing look ridiculously easy. It's that last set of moms that get to us. The ones who seem to have the perfect children, house, marriage - the ones that make us question how we are lacking in our own lives....more

Rainy Days and Mondays

This is not going to be a “fun” post. I’m sorry. Today is one of those days that I feel sad. These are the days that I really have to practice being happy. As I’ve said, though, happiness doesn’t really happen when you try to ignore your less-than-happy emotions. I have good days and bad days. I think that is true of most people. I’m not really sure how to say the things that I want to say today. It feels like there is a lot, and I don’t know where to start. I apologize if I end up rambling. I am, in general, a fairly private person....more


The rains almost came, the sky heavy with dark clouds.  But they receded as the sun competed for attention....more

The Relationship Between Creative Genius and Mental Illness

What exactly is creative genius? How do we define it? Is creativity nurtured or is it genetic? Where do great ideas come from?...more


Some days are hard.  Life is hard.  Sometimes it takes a week before I can take the towels out of the dryer.  The words don't come. When they do, they are dryer than dry....more

Cynical people more likely to develop dementia

Do you constantly consider the glass half empty? Are you generally distrustful of people? Do you always wonder what someone's motivation is for being nice? You may be at an increased risk for developing dementia.Yes, cynical people now have yet another reason to think the glass is half empty. New research out of the University of Eastern Finland found that compared to their more positive counterparts, people with high levels of cynical distrust are THREE TIMES more likely to develop dementia....more

Shine A Light On Depression

 The show is now on iTunes and Stitcher. Yay! Be sure to subscribe to the show on there, if you use those directories to listen to your favorite podcasts....more

Dealing With Gender Disappointment

I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic right now, despite the fact I have every reason to be. Yesterday we had our big 16 week gender scan, which culminated in us finding out the amazing news that we are expecting a beautiful, healthy baby.....Again....more
If you really don't think you can handle another boy without losing your mind, I have 3 words of ...more

Shame Makes a Hard Thing Even Worse

2009 was an extremely challenging year for both Michelle and me. Among the many issues we faced that year, one of the most painful was the difficult financial situation we’d put ourselves into: We were $105,000 in debt and about $300,000 upside down on our house by the end of that year. There were a number of factors that contributed to this, some of which had to do with the economic downturn and the collapse of the housing market, but more had to do with our lack of awareness, understanding, and responsibility with our money. ...more