I Have a Chronic Disease Called Depression

As a child I lived in darkness and filth. My mother was a hoarder, an alcoholic, and suffered from mental illness - probably a personality disorder of some sort. While she loved me very much, she was psychologically abusive to me and created an environmentally-hostile home for me to live in. She spent many daylight hours asleep, but I wasn't allowed to play outside because she was afraid something would happen to me. ...more
I'm so sorry for your struggles during your childhood and glad that you've been able to see ...more

Prescription for depression – cancer patient, caregiver or widow

It hung around way too late in the day before I recognized this no-energy-no-interest-in-anything blahness. That’s when I got out my script pad and wrote a prescription for mild depression: Go take a hike. Near a body of water.Part of the cure requires that the patient stop somewhere along the path to contemplate all there is to be grateful for: in my case, sound of water rushing over rocks, warmth of sunshine, the ability to move on my own two legs, family and friends to love, family and friends who love me....more

#ChronicIllness and #Depression ~ #MentalHealthAwareness

In the month of #MentalHealthAwareness, let us talk about chronic illness, both visible and invisible in relation to depression....more

This boy.

The story writes itself. It isn’t made up. It happens exactly as the words explain. But every day, the ending changes. It is always uncertain. Never quite becoming the thing I fear, dread, or even long for. I’m not looking forward to the story having an ending because I hate that it might....more

Is depression becoming inevitable?

It doesn't matter what you are doing as a parent, if you read enough studies you learn that you are parenting wrong. But it is easy to accept that you are wrong as a parent: You have, after all, a constant walking/talking reminder in your life that you are an unfair, mean person and that you are crushing all the joy out of life because you won't let someone play on his iPad and instead keep insisting that he brush his teeth. ...more

On Aging: Fighting For Happiness

I have a great-great aunt who turned 101 last week. At her birthday party she was dancing in her heels while a lot of the other women surrounded her in flats, she is in her element on the dance floor. I attended her 100th birthday and she was doing the same. She is aging fantastically and she is a  model for myself....more

A Spouse's Response to Depression Part 1

Today I share my husband with you. He has willingly offered to write an article explaining what's it like to be married to a spouse who has been diagnosed with Depression. He offers a perspective that not many ever get to hear. Thank you for taking the time to listen to him. God has definitely blessed me over the last 19 years. :)...more

Lesson learned: Ask your doctor before stopping prescriptions

In the past couple of days I have had symptoms that made me think I was getting sick: stomachache, headache, nausea and burning eyes. I was itchy and sweaty. Also, I was depressed and and thought maybe my antidepressant wasn't working and needed a boost....more