Surviving the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression is a real thing, and it affects a surprisingly large number of people in the colder regions. If you happen to live in one of these regions, you understand. You’re cooped up inside all the time, with the exception of the walk from the door to the car. It’s dark when you wake up in the morning and dark when you leave work in the evening. Heck, you might go days at a time without being in direct sunlight! Just taking the garbage out or letting the dog out is a chore because of how long it takes to get bundled up in all your winter gear....more

My Feet Carry Me - Running Through Depression

For much of my adulthood, I have been a runner. For years, I belonged to a training group. I had a coach. There were paces, distances, track workouts, hill repeats, races. I distracted myself from the physical pain that comes with this level of training so that I could just do the work I needed to do and run faster or longer or whatever the end goal was....more

Suicidal Student Kicked Out Of Dorm Because He Might Negatively Impact Other Students

TW: talk of suicideImagine this: a student living in a university residence contacts his Residence Life don. He has fallen and injured himself, and there is blood everywhere. He is afraid he might die. He needs help.Surely in this scenario the don would seek immediate assistance for the student. They would bring him to a clinic or perhaps a hospital. Once the student had recovered, they would welcome him back to residence – maybe even put up a banner or throw a little party.Certainly the student would not be asked to leave the residence....more

My Story as a Depression Survivor

My Story as a Survivor of Depression It seems strange that  I should write about this now, 13 years after it happened. I am not even sure where to begin, since the situation presented itself most unexpectedly. So, perhaps the best place to start is right in the middle of it....more
L. Donsky-Levine Thank you so much for reading. It took me a long time to find the voice to tell ...more

How I Keep Depression From Monopolizing My Life

Mental health is a tricky thing. It’s difficult to understand exactly what someone is going through inside their own head and even harder to help them when they don’t really know what they need. A lot of times depression seems as though it is just a deeper sadness but it’s actually much more than that. The despair can be so consuming, any simple task can feel like an insurmountable problem. That’s what depression does to me....more


Yesterday was a great day. I drove Jack into the city to a children’s museum, and we played and climbed and…well, mostly I chased him. We devoured, in equal parts, a delicious sausage pizza. The wind bit our cheeks as we ran back to the parking garage. And I reveled in moving and playing and driving and inserting my little validated parking ticket in the slot—actions of which I am oddly proud. As I performed them, I was thinking, triumphantly: I’ll never let anxiety stop me from doing what I want to do....more

Expressive Therapeutic Writing: 16 Tips For Beginners (Free Download)

Hello, everyone! Remember when I published a blog post about Expressive Therapeutic Writing? Remember how I said to stay tuned for even more tips on how to get started with your own writing? Well, it's finally here! I am pleased to offer a completely free list of 16 tips for beginners (and the pros) for you to download! Just visit my blog and click on the post "Expressive Therapeutic Writing: 16 Tips For Beginners (Free Download)" to find the link....more

Thank You...

In appreciation of your patience and continued support, I want to offer my wonderful readers a little something. I have not been able to write as often as I would like, and I know this can be irksome. I have been dabbling with some design work in the hopes of creating some promotional materials for Depression Ever After, and I want to share with you what I have created so far....more

4 Natural Strategies to Beat the Wintertime Blues

Longer, colder and more isolating; that's what winter in Minnesota means to this mama.The days feel longer (thank goodness we're past the Winter Solstice though) despite the fact that the actual time we see the sun is shorter....more

Baby Blues or Depression

None of the baby books I read really addressed what happens after a baby is born.  I mean, unless it was about what to expect from the baby.  I found it to be an overlooked subject that could have helped me in confusion about first-time motherhood.I remember all the stories of how the pain goes fades away to exceeding joy at your new bundle of joy.  Yes, I wanted to hold her, but I don't know that I felt exceeding joy.  Terror and fear is more like it....more