How to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

Every so often I have one of those days. Things may look smooth on the outside, but inside my emotions are tangled up like a tumbleweed. If I'm not careful, that day can turn into a period of time when self confidence slips away and self doubt takes its place. Different people experience depression in different ways, and reactions may range from mild to severe. In my case, I've identified a pattern over years; a baseline for what to expect during a down phase. Paying attention to my past gives me assurance that "this too shall pass." ...more

Anxiety and Depression Talk, and I Hear...

"You're literally the worst mother ever."...more

Why Sue Klebold's Book Absolutely Terrifies Parents Like Me

A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold had me glued to the pages from the start, except for when I had to leave it to get a box of Kleenex. I was fascinated, horrified, sickened, and heartbroken in turns while I read, but mostly heartbroken -- for Sue as a mother, for the memories of her lost child, and for the pain she and her family have had to live with for the last seventeen years. ...more
MarthaRoss I agree with you completely! I thank she was very diligent and candid. Despite the ...more

Battle of Depression vs. Anxiety

It is known that a person can have, and tend to have more than one mental health disorders together. The chance of having depression and anxiety disorder together can be high as 30 to 80%. As the previously linked article writes, having both means higher chance of having more, sever, and/or longer duration of problems.   ...more

The Truth About Suicide that No One is Telling You

On suicide awareness days it isn’t always the person suffering that we need to address.Not everyone is as compassionate as a condition such as depression necessitates.  Not everyone is compassionate every day....more

What Does "Being Alive" Mean to Someone with Depression?

When you mention you’re depressed, sometimes people like to say:  Well, the good thing is: you woke up this morning. It's a blessing to be alive!...more

why God let me suffer

My sophomore year in high school was probably the toughest year concerning my mental illnesses. I wasn't too uncomfortable around my peers in middle school but that seemed to shift once I entered high school. I was much more insecure in my new environment. I could barely listen during lectures because my pessimistic thoughts were ringing through my head and the anxiousness that accompanied them just made things worse. I was convinced that everyone saw my every flaw; they were picking me apart just as I was. You know the saying you are your own worst enemy?...more

Depression is a social desease

When our most recent cat was still alive, I noticed that she would come and sit with me whenever I felt sad....more

Antidepressants - day 2

I was told I needed to eat before taking my new fancy "feel better" pills, buti hadn't anticipated feeling violently ill every time the time release capsule let out the next round of medicine. In 5 1/2 intervals, I found myself hovering over the toilet trying to puke. I have been struggling to eat enough due to everything I ingest blowing me up like a balloon and causing bouts of painful non stop burping. I've discovered that both gluten and anything with rice or rice flour/starch causes this, but it's hard to nurture the altered diet with limited food stamps and no income....more
After being up for a bit, I realize my anxiety is hardcore, and my hands won't stop shaking. ...more