Day 21: Befriending Melancholia

     I made friends with my Melancholia the other day.  I call her Mel for short.     I've spent a good portion of my life feeling Melancholy.  Even as a little girl, I can remember those terrible feelings of sorrow and despair creeping over me for no reason at all.  I could be in bed, or at school, even Disneyland, it didn't matter what activity I was involved in, Melancholia's dark grey cloud seemed to tag along.  ...more

Contemplative Ennui at the Blanton Museum of Art

I am standing in a museum surrounded by marble statues of people from worlds long gone; they are echoes of some other unreal time. History is like that to me, it never feels real....more

Need some memories erased?

Need some bad memories swept out of your mind? You may be in luck.Researchers figured out how to erase unwanted memories from mice without touching the good memories!They did it by inhibiting "actin polymerization" in the maintenance phase of the formation of meth-related memories in the mice.Their hope is that this method will eventually be used on humans for things like PTSD or meth addiction. (Meth addicts say that money, cigarettes and even gum can trigger cravings from memory associations.)Here's the story:...more

The Invitation

These notebooks with their ragged handwriting began as a letter to myself, then became a letter to another mother with a daughter, then another with a son, then a father with a son, and then, somehow, a letter to the world—to any parent who might be hungry, like me, to feel a little less alone. I keep writing to unravel the past five years in which I’ve felt so lost, and lost so much—of myself, my child, a dream of family. I write with blind faith....more

Fighting Depression: You're Never Alone as You Climb the Mountain

I Miss You When I Blink has a post that illustrates the difference between being blue and being depressed, and it explains how she came to the decision to use medication to help her manage her depression.  It is both a post that points out that none of us are alone, even if it feels that way at times.  There is always someone out there who will echo back "me too" as you both climb that mountain of feelings. ...more
You said Depression come alone feeling. one point of view correct but other point of view its ...more

A Winter's Worth Of Wort

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:

F*ck Depression

I would venture to say that I have suffered from depression since I was about 12. I'm no doctor, but I know myself well enough to know that is has been about that long, now that I have an understanding of the symptoms and causes. While it has never been diagnosed (and it’s harder for black female adults to even get a diagnosis, but I'll save that for ‘rant day’) I also know, FOR SURE I have ADHD- which can also cause depression when not managed....more

A blood test for suicide? Looks like it might become a reality

Does it seem like suicide is on the rise, or are we just seeing it reported more now? Either argument could be true with all the bullying cases. My high school just had "yet another" suicide. It was a young girl. I don't know who the other(s) were, but when I read "yet another" I thought, "But the school only has like 600 kids!"So would this type of blood test help prevent these teens from committing suicide? Not likely, unless they were hospitalized for depression or suicide at an earlier point and the blood test was done then. ...more
That is so interesting yet scary to think about. I'll be curious to see how this develops as ...more

Ten Lies Depression Tells You

1. You are a bad person who deserves bad things.2. You are unhappy because you are lazy or lacking in willpower. Happiness is a choice, a choice that you have failed to make. Somehow, somewhere over the course of your lifetime, when faced with some metaphysical fork in the road, you chose the wrong path. You brought this curse down on yourself....more
This is such a true and powerful list. Thank you so much for sharing it!more

I lost this battle, but I will win the war.

While I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life, I can usually maintain control over it. There are times, however, when it has much more control over me than I over it. It won a recent battle, and as a result I had to take a three week medical leave from work. While this was a huge blow to me, I can happily say that I took advantage of that three week leave to put some truths and strategies in place to help myself recover... and hopefully to prevent this from happening again....more
@Denise Thank you Denise! :)more