Light therapy improves mood and cognitive performance - even for HEALTHY people

I had a friend in college who was being treated for depression with light therapy. It worked quite well for her and at the time, no one was using it to improve cognitive performance, so I don't know if her grades improved. (And if they did, one could argue that it was also due to alleviating the depression.)But a new study from Finnish University found that "Bright Light Therapy" - when administered through the EAR CANAL - improved the mood and cognitive performance of even non-depressed students....more

Excited for today

This blog started out as a way for me  to turn my infertility experience into something I could share with others.  It’s also a way for me to write about the journey of finding myself again. I have been seeing a psychiatrist.  I’m not embarrassed about it but I also don’t fully embrace it.  Now hear me out….the reason I haven’t fully embraced it is because doctor # 1 told me that I don’t have post partum depression.  It’s depression, yes….but he doesn’t think its post-partum and that my not having bonded with her fully is something else.  I didn’t agree...more

If I Don't Die of Anxiety, I will Die in a Fiery Plane Crash.

This blog is too long for you to even read. I highly recommend you skip it. Love, Johanna.However. Should you choose to embark on this epic journey....let me just say a few hundred things....more

My Life in Four Pictures.


Speaking to Pain

I want to speak to your pain today, but first: what a treat it was participating with my son, Carter, as he created a vlog (video blog) for Chicks with Choices. It was posted yesterday if you missed it and all three of my children were featured in the creation....more

Update on the crazy

It’s been a while since I really said anything about the cogs and wheels in my brain case.Stuff has changed. How’s that for vague?Mostly things are better. I have found calm where there was…less than none.I don’t really know how. That should totally be something I could just spill out, right? It should be a logical progression. Breathing techniques. Colors and crystals, meditation and sex. Positive affirmations.Maybe it’s all of that. Maybe it’s none of it....more

Effects of Abortion

We have heard for years that abortion is simply the discarding of a ...more

Cross Post: Loving Me Sadly - Depression

“As tough as it is, depression can be dealt with in a paradoxical way. See it as a visitor, perhaps an unwelcome one, but one who is visiting whether you like it or not. Make a place for your guest. Invite your depression to pull up a chair with you in front of the fire, and sit with it, without looking for a way to escape.” -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler from On Grief and Grieving...more
 @FatCat Thank you very much for your kind words. :)more

An Unspoken Letter

 Some nights, the roller coaster I’m on feels more like a skydive.Nothing to hold.No reverse button.No warning.It’s nights like this I find it so hard to articulate how I feel. Because how do you string a thousand conflicting emotions into a sentence?...more