Depression and loss

Unfortunately, I had to attend a funeral yesterday for a friend of the family.  While I was there, I got to thinking about grief, and how it can lead to depression and other mental illness.  I was also thinking about the stages of grief, specifically "acceptance," and what exactly "acceptance" means.http://bipolarknittermom.blogspot.comWhat does "acceptance" mean to you?  When does grief become depression?  And is there really a difference, in some instances?...more

Mistaking "Social" for "Personal"

With the sudden passing of Trey Pennington this weekend, much of the social mediasphere took to Twitter. They grieved the passing of a prominent figure in their industry. They told stories of his kindness and passion for his work. They stressed the importance of dealing with depression. And - perhaps not surprisingly - they exclaimed, over and over, their surprise. ...more
@BlogHer @bloghertech powerful piece.more

Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I’ve read in several books for bipolar children children that kids can resemble Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is absolutely true for our son. Our boy is a sweet, loving, caring child who’s sensitive to other people’s feelings. His smile lights up the room and his passion is contagious, this is Dr. Jekyll....more


No, Nope, Nada

I went to go get my hair highlighted and cut today. The woman who owns the place is a feisty, amazingly funny person, who I've come to know pretty well. Today, however, I felt like a looser. Her: 'So, any guys in your life?' Me: 'No.' Her: 'No? Not at all.' Me: 'Nope, I'm always working' Her: 'Well, you go out for drinks after work and stuff, right?' Me: 'No, not really. I leave work and go home because I have more work to do.' Her: 'Hmmm.' A little while later. Her: 'Been to any concerts?' ...more

The Demon of Postpartum Depression

With my two oldest children, I had postpartum depression. But it was by far the worst after my second son. The combination of a 26 hour long failed VBAC attempt, the weight of failureon my shoulders, a baby intolerant of breast milk that cried for hours, oh and a side of three hospitalization in two weeks starting when he was 4 weeks old was a recipe for disaster....more

Is BD (Blogger Depression) The New ME Of The Blogging World?

It is understandable how a blog, which starts off as a bit of fun, or therapy even, can end up biting the hand that writes it.This process probably begins when the realisation hits that hey, maybe you’re … you know, quite good at this blogging lark. Naturally, the next thought process to follow might be something like: ...more

…but No Broken Bones, Cuts, Bruises or Blood should mean I am Fine…

Ok, I realized I abruptly closed after my recap of all my child hood injuries. The point I hoped to make, if I cannot see a physical sign of injury to my body then nothing must be wrong. So many people think along these lines. If you are one of these people we may share a similar work ethic. Never enough time in the day, always shaking and moving to close the next deal, make it to a meeting, conference call, no lunch (what’s lunch?). We never stop. We thrive at work....more

The day I Lied to my Doctor was the day I Scheduled my Train Wreck

I received a thought provoking call from a very close girlfriend last night who I will call Lisa.  Actually, she left a message. She lives in the geographic region of the country I quickly abandoned shortly after my train wreck mid 2009.  In Lisa’s voice mail message she said her brother is experiencing an enormous amount of stress on his job and she wanted to know what he needs to do to get a stress leave from work. I know why Lisa reached out to me....more
Hi Denise, I am trying to upload another blog and it did the same as last evening - defaulted to ...more

Fighting to Reclaim my Life from the Darkness

I am going to use this blog as my outlet. I think I have done a good job creating enough layers I need to stay hidden from family and friends. No one will know it is me because I know it is best this way. No awkward silences. No embarrassment or shame cast on unsuspecting souls. No dodging phone calls from me, which I find comical, because I don’t call anyway. I deleted family and local friends from my face book account months ago. Talk about disappearing acts. Call me Houdini. Now you see me, now you don’t....more