Is There a Connection Between Social Media and Suicide?

Humans have always been trying to keep up with the Joneses, and nowhere is it easier to see what the Joneses have that you don't than online. Number of followers on Twitter? Number of friends on Facebook? Invitation to Disney Moms? Book deal? Comments on a post? Likes on a status? And then all the things that we talk about online that aren't actually contained in cyberspace: the crafts we think up that we put on Pinterest and the gorgeous pictures of a new home and the vacations to exotic locales and the non-tangibles: seeing that someone else thinks they have the best husband in the world or the cutest kids. The most love, the most happiness, the most ease. ...more
My 14 year old sister is really into Instagram and often will say "oh yeahh 94 likes on that ...more

Don't be afraid to choose you!!

In the past few years most peoples lives have taken drastic turns, some for the better and many for the worst. Unfortunately for most this turn of events have left many desperate, depressed and discouraged without any hope or vision for tomorrow.So, what do you do when you have reached this breaking point? You have to make up your mind that you want to do and are determined to do better. Your situation will never change until you make a conscious decision about your desire for change. Then and only then will you be allowed to use your ability and energy to do so....more

Coming Out of the Dark

Most who read my blog know that I have been walking through a very long and hard season for about 16 months now. It started with my oldest daughter unexpectedly walking out on our family at the beginning of last year, and from there one crisis after another hit us, literally every 2-3 months. It seemed as though we'd just start to get up from the last blow when we'd be hit again. Each crisis involved our daughter and consequences of poor choices that she had made....more

The Beginning.

Anxiety attacks.I have suffered from them my entire life.I remember my first one, I was maybe 5 and I had watched All Dogs Go to Heaven.It devastated me. My mom was out Christmas shopping and my dad let me watch it alone. He didn’t notice that I had curled myself into a ball an hour after the movie under the couch pillows crying.After that it was the constant fear of separation anxiety that stopped me from going to sleep overs with friends....more

Digging out of the ruins.

I finally feel like I am in a place where I can allow myself to move forward.Since the twins were born I have felt frozen in time. To me I still feel like I should be planning Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas.This year blew straight past me, actually it ran over me like a train.This time last year I was eating healthy, loosing weight, had a successful Etsy business and my future looked predictably happy. My kind of happy, a control freaks dream.But life isn’t like that....more


What is success?  I've had this question floating around in my mind for awhile now.  ...more

Heroes and helpers in the Boston Marathon bombings

Just like after the Newtown shootings, yesterday's tragic attacks at the Boston Marathon left me wanting to immediately pick up my kids from school. But I didn't.Instead, I read the accounts of the people who were there when the bombs went off and "looked for the helpers" as Mr. Roger's mom had taught him to do in the face of tragedy.There were many helpers yesterday, but perhaps none as touching to me as the man who lost his son in Iraq and his other son to suicide after his brother was killed....more

How To Be Loved

Editor's Note: This is brilliant. That is all. - Feminista Jones Is there anything worse than being offered a nice, pat aphorism instead of actual advice? For example, when you don’t get into your post-secondary school of choice and suddenly everyone and their mother gives you some variation on the oldeverything happens for a reason theme. ...more Yes! So very exciting!!!more

Nostalgia Machine: On Re-Watching "Girl, Interrupted"

Those of you who are fairly new to my blog may not know this, but on days when I’m not busy kicking the patriarchy square in the nuts or deconstructing inaccurate Facebook memes, I like to indulge in a little bit of nostalgia. Well, maybe a lot of nostalgia. Then I tweet extensively about my my indulgences, and sometimes end up writing about them here.Which is all to say that I re-watched Girl, Interrupted the other night and now I want to talk about it....more
Wow. I hear this. So very interesting. The last paragraph, the whole thing, is gloriously ...more