I am a caterpillar

I know my whole life is a big long journey, but for me, postpartum depression and anxiety has been its own separate adventure. It's like I got lost and separated from the trail at some point and have been spending the last couple of years reorienting myself and frantically bushwhacking through the jungle to get back....more

The Days They Don't Teach You Words For

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” ~ Dory, Finding NemoToday is not a good day.Today I feel bad.Today hurts.I speak four and a half different languages but I still don’t know a word to identify the way I feel today....more

From tiny seeds grow great things

Self centered. Self loathing. Selfless. Selfish. Selfie. Self assured. Self sustaining. I can do it mySELF.This month I have entered a writing challenge called NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month. The theme for this month, and the challenge, is to write daily around the concept of self.It's a pretty broad term, self, and it kind of strikes me as funny, because, really, what blogger does not want to talk about themselves?...more

Stripped to the Core

Imagine a coil wrapped tightly around your chest, constricting, making breathing difficult.Imagine a tidal wave of self doubt and loss of self in a maze of insecurities.Imagine having a loose hold on your emotional outbursts because you feel change is upon you.Imagine equal measures of exasperation and frustration prick and prod you.Imagine me...more

Discovery may lead to new anxiety treatments

If you suffer from anxiety you already know what it is: worry, uncontrollable feelings of fear or dread, uncertainty and often, catastrophizing.Anxiety disorders are one of the most common of mental health disorders and now scientists have more insight that could change the way they are treated.When scientists studied anxiety in rats (which are surprisingly similar to humans!), they found that anxiety is increased activity in the BLA (basolateral amygdala). ...more

Tangled Up In Blues: Living With Depression

photoEarly one morning the sun was shining ...more

Why I Believe in Sugar and Prozac

A couple of things:I am sick of hiding the other issues I deal with on here.  Totally fucking sick of it.  I’ve been told a bunch of times by a bunch of people that I need to edit what I put on here, but I just don’t think that’s my shtick.  I think my shtick is to tell the truth and help people by telling said truth....more

How Do You Know You're Depressed?

A few years ago -- OK, probably 5 years...but who is counting? -- I suffered from depression.  The strange thing for me was that I never realized I was actually depressed.  It wasn't until an ex-boyfriend mentioned something to me that I realized I needed some help. ...more
I have always said that I am socially awkward. I like to be around people, I want to be around ...more

Introverts are Lost

I know every mom struggles with raising their kids.  I just don't know how they can still smile and face the public after wrestling with them day in and day out.  I always thought of myself as an intelligent enough to face any challenge.  I was so wrong about parenting.  I can't fix one problem this year.  I concluded I must retire.  Everything I try, I either get vetoed by my husband or create more drama and tears.  Sadly, on the outside, it looks like we are overachievers and very stable and happy.  I may be the only mom that can admit the truth....more

How do you help your sister with her mental illiness when you are mentally ill

What do you do for a sister that is mentally ill when you are mentally ill. No one heres your crys for help. People look at you with them eyes of disgust. Not knowing  what it feels like to be us. Who do you turn to for comfort when no one understand the illness that is inside ourselves. Turned away by society to be left alone in our pain. We did not make ourselves this way we were created this way by what we were taught. Our minds are all alone wondering how to act ,where to go,what to do in our lonley lives. This is all normal  for us in our world....more