I am hanging on.I have felt like I was hanging on by just a thread for what has felt like weeks and weeks but everyday I become a little bit more fragile; a little bit more delicate.I feel thin. I feel changed.A cold, crisp breeze hits me in just the right way.I detach.For a moment, or longer, I feel terrified. I feel lost and blind and confused.Then, something magical happens.I float.Breeze upon breeze find my tiny, thin body and twirl me between them.I dance....more

Depression is selfish.

Before you run away screaming about how this crazy lady knows naught about which she speaks, hear me out.Depression is inherently selfish....more

On Pride

There are a lot of things I have to proud of. Degrees, kids, marriage, friends. I do those things well.But much of the time, I'm proud to get out of my bed in the morning and not get back into it until bedtime.I'm proud to take a shower and wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair.Things are rough right now. The change in seasons, the decreased sunlight, the holidays approaching, my lack of exercise, my perpetual state of broke-ness...it's getting to me.  It's pushing me down. Sometimes it feels like it's pulling me down too....more

More research that bullying and childhood abuse changes the brain

A psychologist at the University of Ottawa was frustrted that the media, policy makers and the public seemed to only pay attention to research on bullying if she could show that it created biological damage (vs. "just" psychological/emotion I suppose).She did a study in 2008 that showed that while boys who were bullied had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) compared to boys who weren't bullied, girls had much lower levels of cortisol compared to girls who weren't bullied....more

Fibromyalgia sufferers have hypersensitivity to non-painful events

Yes, it's another post about fibromyalgia. But apparently I hit a nerve (excuse the pun) in a GOOD way when I wrote about some of the latest fibromyalgia research.So here's more research:In a  new study, neuroscientists used fMRIs to look at the brain's response to visual, auditory and tactile stimulation in 35 women with fibromyalgia (and 25 women without it). Most had endured the disease for 7 years and the mean age of the participants was 47....more

No, I'm Not Pregnant. I'm Just Gaining Weight from the Pills

HEY. Listen. I am trying really hard down here. I am back on the pills. I am taking the damn pills. ...more
I feel you.  I have had some stern conversations with doctors about the side effects of ...more

A PSA: Vulnerability is our greatest strength.

 Social media is a miracle. I meet new friends and stay connected with old ones. I can keep my finger on the pulse of inspiration in our world. There are pictures of puppies and foals and yes, those people who knit for their chickens....more

The Semicolon Project; The Sentence Is Your Life

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine posted on Facebook with a link to something called “The Semicolon Project.” I’d never heard of it before and was curious what it was all about. Have you heard of it?It turns out, the Semicolon Project is a nonprofit organization that provides support to people and communities suffering with any kind of mental health issues. Specifically, those who may be contemplating suicide....more

Love People As Much As You Can

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that one of her friend’s wrote a suicidal status on Facebook. It stated her “last words” and had information on how she wanted to be buried. I was mortified when I read it and couldn’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain that led her to that point....more

A voice for #suicideprevention

I learned from my very aware friends at Write Tribe that today is World Suicide Prevention Day. With the tragic death of Robin Williams still achingly fresh in our minds, the observation of such a day seems rather timely, doesn't it? ...more