How Disneyland Saved Me from Social Anxiety

oKatniss blogs at The Cardboard Kitty and Dolly Nomnom, is mom to two on the spectrum, and used to have a life, but now feeds fish and yells at cats all day....more
N_Mayxo, the only semi-helpful advice I have about those is to just remember that *they end* ...more

How happy are you really?

As mentioned before, when I have a bad day I sometimes play a little game with myself called, "When Mom was my age." For example: When my Mom was my age she had a 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter....more


Autumn has always been a difficult time of year for me, even as far back as when I was a teenager.It's the start of allergy season.  It's when the Sun climbs less high in the sky every day.  It's when school really starts to get serious.Well, I'm not in school anymore, but my daughter is.  I get up before dawn to help her get ready for the day -- make her breakfast, pack her lunch, and see her off.  Plus I make sure the cats and dog are fed.  Otherwise they might try to steal her food....more
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Thank you. I have survived 2 suicide attempts. https://lasamaritanablog.wordpress.commore

Who set the standard?

While I was in therapy today I got to this place of curiosity as to where my standards come from.  Specifically, how I achieved 3 things this week, but since they would be considered minor to anyone else, I found myself thinking/ saying "it was great, but I could have done so much more..."  the issue of never being good enough.  Where does my standard for daily achievement for a depressed girl come from?...more

Depression knocks again

I really don't know what makes it happen.  It just hit last week.Crippling anxiety.  Tears.  Depression.  Rolling on and on and on.I feel lost.  I feel afloat.  I feel as if I can't put my feet down.I'm depressed.I've had a rough two years -- loss of my dad and loss of my marriage.But?  I lived.  I made it through.Things are back on track.  Work is hard.  Single mothering is hard.  Balance is is hard.  I'm not the only one with stress....more
manifatso It IS an achievement.....more

Mental Illness: We can't treat it if we can't talk about it

When I was in sixth grade, my father lost his job. He spent most of the next year sleeping. He was angry, volatile and unpredictable. We kids tiptoed down the hallway, and our mantra became, “Don’t wake Daddy up!” Our other mantra, provided by my mother, was, “What goes on in this house stays in this house.” And it did. My mother, like the rest of us, suffered in silence. It was far too scary to talk about, even among ourselves. While the worst of it passed, it never really went away....more


Everyone who has anxiety knows it not easy. I too suffer from anxiety but I am much better now but I still have my days. I've had had night that I stayed up for 2 whole days, go to sleep and wake back up every 30 mins, no appetite and blood pressure going up from panic attacks. Anxiety is scary and makes you feel like you're going to die. No one knows what we are going through it is tough and this is why at this very moment I decided I want to be come an anxiety advocate. I tried looking it up but I can't find anything so if someone has any info please comment#Anxietymatters...more

Honest and transparent about a thief