This is how it feels

 Hello again!  I thought I'd start the new year off by revisiting an old post I had placed on a more private blog back in October2013 (with minor edits). This post deals with depression and anxiety, and getting fed up with them.  I have no answers for handling these things, and I barely understand their mechanisms.  But I think it is important to talk about them, to be open.  ...more

Beginning this journey

As I begin this journey here on Blogher, I feel like a teenager once again entering middle school having no friends and completely clueless on what to do! I've found writing to be somewhat theraputic for me as of lately.  In the spring of 2006, I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation, which is a herniation of the brain stem into the spinal cord.  I've had two surgeries to help correct the issue, however, there is no cure. ...more

New Year's Fowl

Everyone's writing about their New Year's resolutions so I think I should join in. My resolution is to continue what has been a pretty successful two-week effort to control my own moods....more

Just Get Over it? Let's Try Compassion Instead

I’ve seen a meme going around in recent months that chaps my ass a little too much. The one that says everyone has problems and if we’re upset or depressed to just suck it up and get over it. In my not so humble opinion, I feel it suggests we don’t care about each other as human beings, as people with genuine feelings. Instead of compassion and empathy, we tell people to get over whatever is bothering them....more

Why Bloggers Are Prone to Depression

You might be wondering why bloggers get depressed – and if there’s any connection between blogging and depression. Yes, the connection does exist. More importantly, now that we know why one leads to the other, we are more empowered to help each other.But before we dwell on that, let me tell you why I take extra effort to make sure my blogging life doesn’t adversely affect my emotional one. Blogging and writing have become such an important part of my daily routine that when I don’t have access to my computer for one whole day, I get anxious.I also use my mobile phone to access my social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, and I feel like I’m not doing a good job engaging with potential readers if I don’t have my phone with me. There’s actually a medical term for that – nomophobia, which I wrote about in the past – and it’s quite common among bloggers who, just like me, also do their own social media management.Bloggers and DepressionEmotions may run high when we blog and engage with readers, especially when readers leave hate comments or fellow bloggers argue with us. Be honest: How many times have you felt annoyed, angry, belittled, anxious, bewildered, or depressed just because someone on Facebook pushed your buttons?...more

When Christmas Isn't Merry And Bright

10 ways to beat the holiday blues

A few weeks ...more

Emotional eating: Get your cravings in check today

The holiday season is right around the corner. While the holidays are a joyful time for most, holidays can be extremely stressful....more


The day began the same mundane way as any other. I got into my car as usual, dropped my daughter at school, and set off for work. The Children’s Centre was where it usually was, on the other side of the road. All I had to do was wait for a gap in the traffic and swing my car into the entrance before an oncoming car hit me. Simple. I completed such feats of coordination and judgement every day, several times a day, and had not yet died or caused the death of anyone else....more