Music Charms the Troubled Mind

Once I knew a man whose wife was going to leave him. I knew he was in a lot of pain and despair about it, though he also turned into a huge asshole before everything was said and done. He was also suicidal for a time.One day when I was trying to talk him through a bad patch, I asked whether he might turn to music to help him. "What?" he said. "Do you think I should listen to country music and cry in a beer?"...more



How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Talking to your family about depression is not always easy, especially if there is nobody else in the family who is dealing with depression already. I’ll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips. Just know that it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it also won’t be the hardest thing either. Sometimes you will have to talk to them several times and sometimes they just may never understand, but be patient with them and know that you need to do this for your own well-being....more
Thank you for sharing this.  I have battled depression for years and trying to be brave and open ...more

Your brain on nature; New research shows actual changes

You already know that walking in nature makes you FEEL good, but now there's evidence that it makes you THINK well too.In a small study, 38 people who lived in urban areas and had no mental disorders were split into 2 groups.Group A walked for 90 minutes through a natural area near the Stanford campus.Group B walked along a very busy road in Palo Alto....more

Dealing with Depression

Nine months ago I wrote a post called Affirmation Giveaway. It was a less-intense intro to this area but I felt it was a good start into examining my own feelings on the topic and the most important takeaway - I understand and I will be there if you need me because I DO understand. This post is more direct about a topic that tends to be misunderstood, shied-away from and even stigmatized: depression....more

Darkness, Depression and All the Other Things Christians Hate to Talk About

Disclaimer: This is a post that could be triggering to those with depression - though I hope the only thing it triggers is healing <3...more

Affirmation Giveaway

I have another post coming (soon?) that will talk more in-depth about self-esteem and self-worth. But, right now, I want to briefly talk about affirmation...and giving it away....more

I Take Zoloft

I have taken Zoloft for about 13 years.  I first went on it in Nursing School in 2002 when I had a Major Depressive Episode....more

Eating the Elephant: Why I Finally Went to Therapy

For a long time now, I’ve likened writing to therapy. It’s a cheap way to get my thoughts in a row, to temper the negativity of my life with the positivity. Through writing, I’ve learned new things about myself that I otherwise might not have ever uncovered. I’ve analyzed problems and worked through complicated, conflicted emotions....more
Me too, I'm eating an elephant right now, too!!  Thanks so much for sharing this, I feel better ...more

Choosing Joy: 10 Ways to Bring Sunshine to Your Soul

I have struggled with depression, anxiety and even panic attacks since adolescence.Some of this has been hormonal, some has been situational.  My mental health affects my physical health, zapping my energy, my appetite and my immune system, and I end up plagued by weight loss, frequent illness and chronic sinusitis.And, inevitably, it affects my marriage and my parenting....more