Turn Your Home From Uninspiring To Charming in These 10 Ways

Home is where the heart is, they say. If that’s so, better make your heart’s residence a charmer. ...more

7 Excellent Tips to design a Logo in Unique Features

Have a proper choice of the logo can mean more sales opportunity for your business.  Logo will be able to increase brand credibility and familiarity, and that is one of the primary functions of the logo since it makes the customer feel they know your business and that it has not just popped up somewhere. Nine questions can get you to decide if it is a cute logo or design when choosing and utilizing a logo.Does it have a meaning? ...more

Best Design Mockup Software

A design mockup is very useful for testing the look of a physical product before it is actually produced. Mockups are also used to create initial designs for webpages. They are digital images - computer-generated images (CGI) intended to help finalize the design of a product or advertising resource.Some mockups for websites are functional - they contain images, text, and coding. This can be useful for some web designs, where interaction on the page can determine how elements of the design need to look....more

5 Of My Favorite Designers

 I know my top 5 designers, do you?Let’s face it…inside we are all secretly wanna-a-be-designers.  We watch HGTV and DYI and think “I can do that.”  So I’ve decided to list my favorite top 5 designers and why I love them. Although these designers are are not what you would call the French Country design type....more

The Entryway

My EntrywayThe journey of creating a home, to be quite honest, has been an adventure for me. Starting at the front door then moving on to the entryway (or in my case the lack there of) I should say is generally where one gets their first impression right?Painting my front door was the jumping off point for me. It went from that awful brown to a wonderful Robin’s egg blue, much more inviting....more

11 Things Every Blog Should Have

Setting up your blog for the first time can be so overwhelming. When you've never had a blog before, it's difficult to know what to include on your blog. My first blog design had no about page, no picture of me, not even a way for my readers to contact me! Once you start reading other blogs, you learn more about what your blog needs to have. I remember being a beginner and having to figure it out on my own. Today I'm making it a little easier for you and sharing 11 things every blog should have. These are things I recommend on all blogs from beginner to professional! ...more
thanks, this is awesome! I've been blogging for 13+ years and already had all of this, but I ...more


 ChandeliersDECEMBER 15, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: CRAFTING AND DYI, DECORATING AND INSP...more

Development, Disaster and Global Campaigns: An Art Designer's Lens

By Nyasha Laing ...more

So? Are you French Country?

So you think "Toile" is a neutral...A little trivia on Toile ~ Toile is the French word for cloth.  Toile was first produced in Ireland.  Yes!  Ireland!  However, in about the 1750's Toile caught on in Britain and France, and there they became known as Toiles de Jory.  Jouy was the actual town near Versailles which became known for manufacturing "cotton" fabrics.  ...more

10 Tools That Will Change the Way You Blog

I've been writing my blog for a little over 11 months. In that time, the blog has come a long way. The writing has changed, the design has changed, the content has changed, and with all of those, my blogging tools have changed. After the blog underwent a major evolution a few months ago, I've finally settled into a solid groove, with the help of the blogging tools I use every day. These tools have helped to grow my blog and my skills to the website it is today. I'm constantly discovering new blogging tools, but these have been some of my favorites! ...more
This is a great post! I've used quite a few of these tools, including Hootsuite and the Google ...more