Fourth of July: Red, White & Blue

Going with the American theme I started yesterday, I thought I'd bring to you some interiors that use red, white, and blue!  While we all know these colors are in our nations flag, they weren't selected for their meaning....more

High Point Market: Made in America

I know many of you are getting ready for the Fourth; we are down here in Houston.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Patriot, and so very proud to be an American.  To live in a country where we have so many liberties and rights is such a blessing, and so often we forget that....more

High-Fashion Dining in Dramatic Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating Father's Day.  Today I thought I would start out this week with an evoking image of the Angler Restaurant in London's South Place Hotel.  With black and white color palette really making a dramatic come-back in the interior design world, I thought this would be a great way to get this week's conversation started....more

Kitchen Designs: Trends and Styles

Cooking and Kitchen Designs are synonymous for me. Being able to make something stunning in a beautiful kitchen is an experience in itself. I love my kitchens - both at my home in Melbourne and at my beach house in Venus Bay - both are very different settings, one being simple contemporary and the other very French Provincial. Today I thought I would share some of my daydreaming...kitchens that are just simply house beautiful!!...more
Thanks for the comments lovelies...   I am a big renovator and refuse to pay anything full price ...more

THE DIARY OF A MATERIAL GIRL: "A girl in a new but old city called fashion "

I look forward to sharing my fashion loves, designs and inspirations with you so i'll try hard to keep text short and sweet and upload fresh pics as much as possible to illustrate my fashion finds/loves, designs, inspirations and at times showing me at work. Please forgive my quirky titles but I feel you will catch-up with this sooner or later....more

Is the Medium Impacting The Message? (Thoughts on Kate Hartman's TED Talk: The Art of Wearable Communication)

Kate Hartman has been developing prototypes of various clothing items to improve communication. Like a hat that helps you hear yourself better. Or a funnel that lets you fight with another person by letting them hear your angry tone without feeling the sting of your words. (That one is pretty powerful) Or how about a suit that lets you hug (and listen to) a glacier, thereby better understanding the natural world around you. ...more

check out the new blog!

welcome to the re-design of lollipops!i’m loving the new header and the instagram widget!i’m so glad you stopped by to check things out!say hello to the new:and goodbye to the old:...more

Around the Table: Easter Inspiration

Sunday is Easter, and in my home it's a day of family spending time together and gathering around the table.  After all isn't that where most of our holidays take place, around the table? An inviting table decorated with the season's best and holiday's decor is always a great way to add cheer in your home.  And what a better compliment to your home than having your family gather around the Easter table adorned with festive fresh spring flowers and fresh homemade dishes. ...more

Hats Off to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Hats off to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  Sunday night George Strait was the final act for the 2013 Houston Rodeo, and his concert broke the all-time Reliant Stadium and Show Concert Record!  George Strait is the classic cowboy country singer (he actually likes to steer rope as a hobby), a perfect finale performer for this month long event....more

What is the Meaning of the Color Green?

Spring makes its entrance dressed in green.  Bare branches slowly unfold their array of lime, olive, pistachio, jade, and emerald hues.  Snow melts revealing green sprouts, mosses and buds.  Green signifies the renewal of life as bare trees leaf out in splendor and sleeping bulbs awaken to poke their heads through the earth....more