Convex Glass Silhouette Art

Hi my lovely BlogHer ladies!Tonights post is up on my blog and is  description complete with some really fun pictures of my Convex Glass Silhouette Art collection!If you don't know what convex glass silhouette art is, I really recommend this post for you because it is a beautiful, handmade art that is rare, from what I understand nowadays, and I LOVE my collection! I have it all decorated on the wall above my mirrored jewelry armoire.Come read my blog tonight and check out this antique collection!...more

Happy Easter & Big News!

Hi ladies!I hope you have all had a wonderful Sunday!As mentioned, if you follow my blog, tonights post has a lot of big news!The news has to do with the design of my blog, the blog schedule, a new camera, and a giveaway!Come read to see what all I am talking about!<3  ...more

Coffee Table Vignettes

I love coffee tables not only because they're functional but because they're a great way to show off your personal style in a high traffic space. It's the perfect place for books on your interests, candles, vases with seasonal blooms, and other decorative objects that show off your personality. It's also a great way to introduce color into your room. As I mentioned in my previous post, trays can be a great way to organize your odds and ends....more
Maybe I'm just happy to finally have a coffee table... for some reason that was last on my ...more


I can't do a proper post today - I've just bought the "Thesis" theme for my blogs and now have a great deal of learning to do! Apologies to anyone who visits my sites during the transition period, which will hopefully not be too rough. Now, on to designing! ------------------------- ~ Dawn Storey ...more

Convertible Knit Cowl

About two years ago I cast on to knit a leaf patterned shawl. This one, to be exact...more

Let the children have air and light!

Only a few of us ask our children for their opinion when buying a car.  And no-one ever asks for their opinion at the design stage.  So it is that those who occupy the back seat get less and less of what makes a car ride fun:  streaming air, and a view of the world....more

Contemporary Colour in the Garden: Book Review

I've quite a few books left in the booklog for this year, so I expect to be writing quite a few reviews over the next few weeks as I make my way through them all....more

Steve Jobs, my hero.


It's time for a new office...

I'm constantly getting restless with my surroundings. Thinking it's time for a new office...starting with this little inspiration? ...more
I want my office to look like that!more

Want a Truly Unique Work? Commission an Artist!

Commissioning art is an excellent way to get art that's just a bit more special. Working with an artist in the development an artwork can be a complex process, but it doesn't need to be intimidating. These are just a few things to keep in mind when thinking about entering into a commission relationship....more
I am an artist and have done some commissions and I love the idea of making a contract! I never ...more