Vanilla Berry Banana Smoothie Recipe with my Nutribullet♥2 scoops of Next Step Vanilla Protein Powder...more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 2-4

Hey there everyone, I'm already a little behind on posting Erin's Daily Eats. This week has been a little crazy, but looks calm in the coming weeks. It's all about getting into the groove, right? ...more

How to Pick a Healthier Frozen Meal

How to Pick a Healthy Frozen MealWhen it comes to weekday lunches, I’m a fan of making my own. I can control the quality of the food I’m eating, as well as the calories....more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 1

Hey there everyone, ...more
I like CalorieKing. It is my favorite because I can add foods that might not be on the list.  I ...more

Hubby's 21 Pound Weight Loss

Hubby's Fitness Challenge and 21 Pound Weight Loss My hubby just completed a 60 day fitness challenge and I couldn't be more proud of him!  He lost 21 pounds and 6.5%...more

JEERS: where everybody knows your name

And I'm sure right now the theme song for the show CHEERS is running through your head. If not, or you don't know what Cheers is, it's an old sitcom that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993 and revolved around friends at a bar. Material is recycled, after all.I'm sure (if you ever watched the show) you have your favorite characters. To be honest, I never watched the show. I was a little kid when it aired. I hated the theme song because it was an earworm; once you hear it, it's hard to get it out of your head....more

Simply Toxic

If you are like me or many other people during springtime you want to clean out the old funk. This goes for cleaning out our body, cleansing, detoxing, an internal spring cleaning. I am not going to talk about doing a cleanse however, I am going to talk about "whole-istic" living. This is health in all areas of our life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually....more

Take care of your temple!

I went to the doctors the other day. I visited that government site on the internet and bought some of that insurance since I am still working for the staffing agency that does not have insurance as an option to buy. So now I am able to afford the doctors office visits again. ...more

Beyond walnuts and green tea: Other foods that are good for your brain

When it comes to food that's good for your brain, there are some well-known ones: salmon, walnuts, blueberries and red wine. But I ran across this article today and found a couple I wasn't that familiar with: Grains: The brain can't store carbs so it relies on a constant supply from the blood stream. Carbs like grains are low on the glycemic index so they're ideal because they create a sustained stream of energy to the brain....more