Paleo Banana & Blueberry Muffins

The other night whilst watching tv and flicking through the channels, I stumbled upon something called ‘The Eric André Show’ and have to say that I have never seen anything quite like it before in my life....more

How to take best weight loss diet plans for a longer life?

You will see different weight loss diet plans on the web. Search for some minutes, and you will come up with different types of the lemon diet plan, Atkins diet plans, Asian diet plans, and also Indian diet & meal plans. These all diet plans are great for health. You will be acquainted with some and others may be unknown to you. The task is to choose a versatile diet plan for your better health. You must limb to the plan for 6+ months....more

Latest Research And Study On Diet And Acne

Many people think that there is direct relation between diet and acne. You may think as why acne is very common in today’s people while it was not so with our ancestors. This is very simple, because they used to have balanced and nutritious diets. Many people feel that there is direct relation between acne and diet. Many people are still not sure of it. We will just look in to the scientific reason behind this.Scientific reason for connection between diet and acne...more

Forget About Detoxing for Weight Loss - Try This Instead

Are you tempted to go on a detox diet to shed the extra pounds you gained during the holiday season? If so, you might want to rethink your plan. Although various detoxes claim to aid weight loss by removing toxins from your body, the pounds lost during a strict detox regimen are more to do with the severe calorie restriction they put you under....more

Reuben Casserole From Ketogenic Recipes

Wondering how to work out your new diet routine?  You could start off with a low cab diet plan but that would mean you might have to skip some of the delicious meals. Right? Wrong! With the keto reuben casserole, you can eat all your favourite items at one go without getting fat. Read the recipe below. Ingredients...more

Fitness Relationship Goals: How much do they matter in your love life?

#FitnessRelationshipGoals. We all want them, but do we care enough for it to really matter in our relationships? ...more

A Dozen Fab Foods

Here are a selection of "super" foods that if eaten twice a week are likely top boost your health and wellbeing...more

Hi, My Name is Laura and I'm a Carboholic

The first step is admitting you have a problem. And I did…do. But I can handle it. It’s not like I have a full-blown addiction or anything. I’ve got this whole carbohydrate situation under control. I can stay completely away from them if I want to....more

Diet Despair? Turn It Into Diet Delight

Got diet despair? You're not alone.  There's something about dieting that reveals why the word diet includes the word "die."One solution: Challenge that depression by focusing on changing your lifestyle rather than dieting. Lifestyle changes can be simple, such as devoting one week to going from drinking five sodas a day to one. The next week, set yourself a new challenge, and so forth....more