Christmas and Fuel Plans

The Diet Doesn't Matter

You can find this post and others like it at When I use the word “diet,” I mean the food and beverages I eat daily.  However, when most people hear the word “diet,” they think of a set of restrictive rules around what you eat daily with the goal of losing weight.  I am not on a diet, but I discuss my diet regularly on this blog. Still with me? I watched an interview with this guy who purposefully built junk food into...more

PMS and Diet!

I was at the website and found this content that may be of interest:  The food you put into your body can affect everything that you do. It can define your energy levels, can make your hair shiny or dull, influences your weight, and it has a lot to do with your overall health in general. It can even affect the severity of your PMS symptoms. When you eat a lot of food that isn't good for you, it takes its toll on your body over time. You may feel sluggish and lazy, get sick a lot or just simply not feel good most of the time....more

It's Time!

Without further adieu, it is time for me to start a new chapter in my in life.  As I have established my blog, I will use this as a statement to record my progress.  I am no stranger to health and fitness.  I used to walk six miles a day, lift weights six days a week and my diet primarily consisted of organic food.  Food was my "crack" during my divorce.  I survived by just putting on 45 pounds so time to get them off and live this new, wonderful life as the healthy and fit person I have always been and deserve to be.  The holidays are upon me, it isn't...more

Will You Be Trying To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Year?

Is it possible to eat healthy during the holidays?  Do you really want to? For me, the answer is yes and no. Yes, I know it's possible to continue to eat healthy during the holidays.  But no, I really don't want to.  So instead, I'll try to find a happy medium. ...more

For me, sticking with whole (real) food helps me to not overeat during the holidays. I try to ...more

SUGAR! Delicious and Deadly

More than 30 years ago I noticed that eating sugared foods made me extremely tired in the mornings. A little sugar in the water to boil carrots gave me “sugar eyes” - that’s what I called the sense of glue in the morning as I tried to open my eyes. A cup of coffee and a donut would literally keep me from getting out of bed - I was habitually late for work. I did not realize it was the sugar until I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and replaced donuts with hot unsweetened cereal....more

Foods that Support Sex Appeal

Yes, you heard it right: foods can indeed add to your sex appeal. How, you may ask? The fact is, eating foods rich in vitamins C, A and E, calcium, iron and antioxidants, etc., can make you look and feel good about yourself. It’s a well-known fact that when you feel confident about your appearance, you feel sexy!The following is a list of foods that are easily available....more

This Year Give Thanks For Your Health

It’s tough to not want to indulge this time of year. All the dishes smell and taste so good and we wait all year to enjoy them.  I’m all for special occasion dining and living it up a few times a year. However, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season of overeating so why not try the best you can by not going off the deep end so early on?  Your health is the most important gift so honoring your good fortune on the day of thanks is a great way to take care of that gift.Here are just a few easy tips that can help you being the stuffed bird this holiday:...more

Food for a College Girl

Avoiding the freshman 15 is like trying to avoid the flu when all of your friends are sick. It's nearly impossible. That is, unless you have a super fast metabolism or just genetically skinny. Coming from someone who has never been skinny in her entire life (well except maybe in elementary school) that meals are social times especially when you are a freshman trying to meet people. ...more

Weight Loss: It's Not About The Twinkies, Stupid

In an unprecedented show of nutritional and scholarly savvy, a forward-thinking professor of nutrition was seeking to prove that limiting calories is the key to weight loss.  And incredibly, his theories have turned out to be correct. ...more
Yikes! This could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Great blog post, but a pretty dumb diet. more