Is There A Magic Pill For Weight Loss?

During an insomnia jag a few years ago, I caught a late night infomercial for Exercise In A Bottle.  Essentially you take the pill and it has all the benefits of exercise, including weight loss.  My first thought is: I can’t believe they are hiding this game-changing uber-revolution in 3am programming!  They even got Steve Garvey, former professional baseball player and MVP to be pitchman.  (Dear Steve: Really?)  In a *shocking* twist of events, the FTC banned the company from marketing the product due to false claims and forced them to pay ...more

Heart Break for Japan


Fruits and Veggies


Oh Banana's

Do you like banana's?  I am not fond of the things but occasionally I can choke one down, like this morning.  Fruit in general, I really have a hard time getting into my diet.  It is a daily struggle on that front.  I ...more

i am not a fan of fruits either but i try to make it to salads or find recipes where i can ...more

Me and Menopause, Teaming-Up for yet another Round of “Diet”

Today it begins. With great regret and throbbing ache in my heart, I have decided to legally separate from my cookbooks and recipes, my old reliable friends. They will sit on the shelves, for who-knows-how-long, unappreciated and collecting dust. So move over rich and creamy Carbonara and make room for healthy salads, step-aside ham & cheese with dill pickles on a Dutch Crunch roll, and down-the-drain-you-go lusty-smooth and vibrant wine and yeasty-tasting champagne with your tiny, pearl-like bubbles....more

Lent for everyone

Today is Ash Wednesday, the day when practicing Catholics start their 40 Day Fast from one thing until Easter Sunday when they can indulge to their heart’s content....more

Tips for an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

(Following is a guest blog written by Elyn Jacobs, breast cancer survivor and cancer coach. You can read more from Elyn on her blog, “It is the Weak Tree That Comes Down in a Hurricane“.)...more

Dark Days of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Menopause

“It’s hot in here…turn on the fan… It is cold…add another blanket… It’s hot, take the blanket off…” But this is the middle of winter! I can’t make up my mind what temperature feels comfortable. After two years of this I should have driven my husband insane by now, and yet my Dear-heart patiently goes along with my constant temperature changes. “I am flexible, Honey,” is all he ever says to me. I tell you, the man has got to be a saint! He just never complains....more

Getting insulted by your son and keeping a smile on your face, and a yummy recipe.

OK so the other day my 3 yr old son say to me mommy, you have such a smushy belly.  Then the next day he wants to know what boobies are and what that lump in the middle of my belly is (my stomach), as opposed to what boobies are.  Besides the boobie comment, which I deflected with the generic, everyone had boobies, some peoples are bigger than others.  Argh, even my son is noticing that my belly is big.  Darn children, stretching out the stomach, now all my fat goes there.  I do look slightly pregnant, and I am not!!...more

Crunches alone will not get rid of belly fat! In my experience, as you lose weight, it ...more

Another Look At Asheville

Here I am again, yappin’ about Asheville, NC ; ) There is just to much good food to not tell you about!! So make sure you keep this info handy if you’re ever passin’ through or passin’ time in this healthy, mountainous munch fest of a town!...more