I haven't really talked to much about my Jawbone Up since I got it. Someone asked me weeks ago if I liked it and I just kind of shrugged and said "sure". I really only use it to track steps and sleep.  I'm doing well over the recommended 10,000 steps a day and I mostly get in eight hours of sleep a night. There's an option to enter extra workouts and food, but mostly I don't bother. My extra exercise is just more walking and I forget to put in my yoga time. I never track my food or water. It just seemed too much, too time consuming....more

Weight Loss Tips That DON'T Work For Me

A couple days ago, I had someone who read my blog say, "I feel you are missing so many methods to help a person lose weight. What about all the weight loss tips you read in magazine articles. When are you going to post those?" The problem is that I have seen the same flipping tips in the health and fitness magazines for literally years. Almost every month I'd eagerly open up a magazine after reading on the cover, "5 Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work." And guess what? They didn't do a thing for me. In fact, I think I saw most of the "tricks" in the same health magazine just a couple issues ago! So no, you won't see the usual strategies in my posts unless they leave a lasting impression on me. However, today is an exception. Below you'll find tips that I continue to see in weight loss articles, but continue not to work with my body. ...more
Wine does the same to me! It sends me into a binge.more

High-sugar diet may reduce cognitive function

Making your kid read over the summer may not be the only way to fight the Summer Slide, especially if they're reaching for the Oreos between page turns.A new study out of Oregon State University has found that diets high in sugar (and also diets high in fat) may reduce cognitive function by altering bacteria in the gut.The researchers studied mice on high-sugar and high-fat diets and found that particularly "cognitive flexibility" was decreased.Why?...more

For men under 45, trans fats leads to poor memory

My husband just turned 42 and I swear his memory has been getting progressively worse and worse. Some of it is probably selective hearing, some is probably due to age-related cognitive decline, a small bit may even be due to the 4 wars he served in (because he was around lots of blasts). But reading this new research, I'm going to put some blame on trans fats.This new study out of the University of California - San Diego has found that a higher consumption of trans fats was linked to poor memory in men under age 45....more

100-Mile Diet

Day 7 Diet 7 on the 155 Diets100-Mile Diet...more

90/10 Diet

Day 6 Diet 6 on 155 Diets and Counting Cristie Will 90/10 Diet (Integrative Nutrition Diet) The Integrative Nutrition Diet promotes eating healthy foods most of the time (90% of the time) and eating less healthy foods on occasion (10% of the time). There is no set plan to this diet, and it is easy to follow and hard to fall off!...more

17 Day Diet

Day 5 Diet 5 of 155 Diets and Counting Cristie Will 17 Day Diet...more

8 Minutes in the Morning

Diet 4 day 4 of the 155 Diets and Counting!8 Minutes in the Morning  Cristie Will...more

The 4-Hour Body Diet

Day 3 Diet 3 of 155 Diets and Counting! Cristie Will The 4-Hour Body DietThe 4-Hour Body Diet, also known as the Slow-Carb diet, the 4-Hour Body Diet was founded by Tim Ferriss and claims rapid weight loss in a short amount of time.  The 4-Hour Body Diet is based on the authors access to top professionals such as MD's, Scientists, Athletes and experimentation of himself. This diet is about consistently making the smallest choices to produce the greatest and biggest results....more

The 3-Season Diet

Day 2 Diet 2 On The List of 155 Diets and Counting!The 3-Season DietCristie Will ...more