Is Weight Loss During Pregnancy Ever a Good Thing?

Putting On The Pounds When PregnantAs the euphoric moments that directly follow finding out that you are with child begin to fade, that gorgeous glow can morph into anxiety. Those antagonizing thoughts have haunted almost every woman who has learned she has a baby. You know what they sound like, "What's going to happen to my body?" Horrific flashes of stretch marks and expanding waistlines dance around in her head. For some, they're a small price to pay in order to experience the gift that is motherhood. For others, it's their worst nightmare....more

The App You Never Knew You Needed

I've been on an extreme health kick as of late and between increasing my workouts and trying to figure out how to become a bacon eating vegan, I have been researching high and low for tools to help stay on the road to healthy living....more

Diet Chocolate Cake With Buttered on Frosting

This diet cake, while more expensive than your average chocolate cake, will last a life time and not add a single pound to your waistline.  A true bargain if you ask me :-) The creamy frosting is buttered on.  Looks good enough to eat.  On auction this week with no reserve.  To enter into my ebay gallery and possibly bid on this or another painting visit my ebay gallery.  Margaret Aycock ...more

Lose 15 pounds in 17 days: '17 Day Diet' creator explains how

Can rapid weight loss be safe and permanent? Yes, says San Diego-based family practitioner Mike Moreno, M.D. In a recent interview with Prevention, Dr. Moreno explained how his new version of the "17-Day Diet" helps dieters lose up to 15 pounds in 17 days easily and safely....more

The Importance of Diet and Exercise during Pregnancy

Healthy diet and some exercise can be ideal for both pregnant women and their babies. While healthy weight gain is part of any pregnancy, it can be achieved through healthy foods that support the mother and baby's nutritional needs. Moreover, exercise can keep a pregnant woman's weight from getting out of control and keep her muscles toned. Pregnant women who exercise also find it easier to lose weight after the birth of the baby. Exercising during pregnancy helps women experience less fatigue, which is just one more reason that it's so beneficial.   ...more

Homemade Detox Water

Hi loves! It’s day two of my yoga teacher training and I am on cloud nine. It’s also my second day without meat and my first official work-week in my new home. Life has given me a handful of big changes and I am accepting them with open arms. I am feeling extremely blessed and optimistic about life in general. It’s all very exciting....more

The Bikini Body Diet

The right bone is connected to the left...

***Sigh***Old age is not for sissies. I read this all the time.I walk my dogs, take an exercise class, eat lighter now that it’s warm out.I am in pain....more

The Most Important Thing You Need in Order to Get Healthy

I've been on this bandwagon for years: trying to get healthy, amping up my exercise, clean eating, Weight Watchers, cleanses, fasts, even the Cabbage Soup Diet of the '90s. Yet, all of my attempts have always been somewhat short-lived. ...more
ahundredaffections Dr. Ellen Albertson My pleasure. The key is to focus on wellness, not weight ...more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 10

Hey there everyone, Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. Yesterday was spent mostly relaxing while having a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon. Because I'm a sucker for reality TV. ...more