A recent study seemed to suggest the daily apple does not equal less doctor visits.  (Remember, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away?')  However, once you read the study results more thoroughly it doesn't really confirm a thing!  Obviously health, and doctor visits are a more complex subject than whether we eat an apple each day.  For starters, the study didn't record what other foods people eat, if they have insurance or not, if they are generally healthy to begin with, and so on.  ...more

Fitness Foodies...

It is difficult to talk about diet, weight and health without including the topic of physical exercise.  During my dietary guidelines research, I unearthed a statistic that I have pondered over the past few weeks.USDA data reports that more than 50% of adults in the United States are not physically active. ...more

Is this the trick you need to finally learn portion control?

Portion control has always been a challenge for me. My diet is pretty good, and I usually make healthy food choices but I  can definitely overeat once I get started. And I’m at my worst when I’m facing a big portion of delicious food at restaurants. I try to stop eating but I can’t, even if I’m full. So I was really intrigued when I read about MealEnders. ...more

New M.I.N.D. diet may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's

A team of researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have created the M.I.N.D. (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Apparently, it's easier to follow than the Med or DASH diets. There are only 15 dietary components: 10 brain-healthy food groups and 5 unhealthy ones.You can probably guess many from each group. The good:1. green leafy vegetables2. other veggies3. nuts4. berries (especially blueberries and strawberries)5. beans...more

The Devil Is In The Details: Cage-Free, Free-Range, and Organic

How did a routine trip to my local Costco end up leading me 119 miles from home to a small family-owned farm in Temecula, CA? The answer is simple; I was on a mission to eat real food.  Sounds like a no-brainer, but I feel as if I’ve just opened my eyes to this concept.  I have never really put much thought into what I ate....more

My Top 10 Habits for Successful Weight Loss

I am a person who can proudly declare that I have lost almost 60 lbs thanks to Weight Watchers.  I am also someone who will freely admit that every single day is a struggle to maintain that weight loss.  Many people think that once you hit your goal weight the journey is over.  Like once you've crossed the finish line, that is where you will stay effortlessly because you managed to lose the weight.  I'm telling you with all honesty, that is the complete opposite of the reality that "losers" face....more

Training for the IVF Olympics

An interview with an IVF Olympian.How did it feel that special day when you qualified for the IVF Olympics?The day I discovered I qualified was a nightmare come true. I hadn’t trained, I hadn’t prepared and I had no idea how long I’d be participating for....more
Heh heh, very clever.  I never thought of myself as an IVF "athlete," but the metaphor really ...more

New research say eating fish during pregnancy may BOOST, not impair, development

When I was pregnant, I ate a limited amount of certain fish (like tuna) with mercury in it. I took DHA instead, at the insistence of my mother, who is a Registered Dietician.But a newly released study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has the FDA and international agencies revising guidelines related to fish consumption during pregnancy....more

Can these 6 foods make you smarter?

I ran across this article in The Telegraph (UK) called "Brain food: 6 snacks that are good for the mind" (with a subtitle "What can you eat to make you smarter?") I agree with the 6 foods they listed, I have three issues:1. I'm not sure I'd consider salmon to be a snack. (Well, maybe some smoked salmon on a cracker or something.)...more

Wednesday Workout: Metabolic Conditioning.

Metabolic conditioning is a hot word in the fitness industry right now. A lot of people are moving away from the long bouts of elliptical or heavy weight lifting with long rest. Instead, we have to turn to shorter, full body, higher intensity workouts that burn calories. We are getting busier and busier by the day but we are also wanting to stay healthy....more