Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!

Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!  I just returned from a long weekend vacation to the beach.  On this vacation, I took a detour back into old eating habits, and promptly earned myself a week long migraine - longer than the 4 day beach-cation!...more

The Ghost of Future Fatness

Like Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, I have just been given a glimpse of what my life could be like if I don't finally get my eating habits under control.  ...more
@AmyGrogan  Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement. You are exactly right about 1 ...more


The Best Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

About the author: Adana Baro writes blogs and guest blogs for Pender Medi Spa. The medical spa specializes in skin care and Botox treatments in Vancouver. ...more

Put and End to Diabetes

“For diabetics,optimal health is not achieved by eating less to lose weight. Rather, diabetics have to make a big commitment not only to forming better eating habits but also to eating the right foods to healp the body heal.” – The End of Diabetes, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman...more

An Apology to Your Body

In a very moving open letter to all of her former weight loss clients, Your Fairy Angel states all the things she wished she had said years ago to the people who asked for her help in losing weight. From the women who were given too little to eat to the girls who were brought to the center by their mothers, she apologizes to each of them; and it serves as a wake up call to all of us that we need to take a step back and make sure that we are eating in a healthy way that respects our bodies' needs. We need to realize that our bodies are enough, and they don't need to be constantly molded.  And most importantly, we need to listen to our bodies when they talk to us, and have our body's voice be louder than all the experts out there. ...more
Hey there, Melissa! Thanks for bringing "Your Fairy Angel's" change of heart to my attention. ...more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 2 recap.

Day 2 was another good day. When I woke up, it was still dark, and a big thunderstorm was on the forecast for the morning. I almost skipped the long bike ride I had promised myself, but then I thought better of it. I ate a banana, put a raincoat on, and I was off!...more

My Whole30 Diary: Day 1 recap.

My Whole30 Day 1 is complete. That wasn’t so hard, now was it?...more

ms.equality's search for "lifestyle changes"

So, I can't believe it has been 4 months since I've posted.  In that time, we've had the AMAZING SCOTUS decision declaring a portion of DOMA unconstitutional!!!!  I don't think I have ever been so excited.  In my eyes, even though we live in Virginia, my partner Nicky and I are MARRIED.  The federal government has accepted this proposition by allowing me to apply for and receive federal health benefits for Nicky (and the health benefit card came to our house with amazing speed)....more

Research shows brain's addiction to processed carbs is real

A new study gave 12 obese and overweight people milkshakes. All had the same number of calories, the same sweetness and the same taste, but one of the two types of milkshakes had high-glycemic carbs, while the other had low-glycemic carbs....more