10 Helpful Tips That Will Get You Eating Healthy

There was a lot I learned during my journey to change from being a fat, food-addicted, food-fearing, yo-yo dieter into a healthy-weighted, food-enjoying, former food junkie. And now, I pass these lessons along to you with the hope that these 10 tips will help you, too. ...more
HarleyLeBon TheCookingCoach Disagree wholeheartedly with this. Lose the carbs which are no ...more


We are well into the new year, and you have lost that loving feeling for celery or heading out in the early morning to run – no matter how cute all those new workout clothes look on you.  Then all the inevitable questions about how your new leaf is turning over begin. You smile, nod, avert your eyes, mumble something unintelligible and silently pray your mobile phone rings or a hole opens up in the floor underneath you.You feel like you’ve failed....more

Jane Fonda Transforms Her Original Fitness Videos Into DVDs, And They're Fat-Fighting Fabulous Fun!

I grew up hating exercise. It wasn't until I worked at a company where a group got together at noon and exercised to Jane Fonda's fitness videos that I learned that working out could actually be fun.  I bought my own videos and used them regularly until they actually wore out....more

Setting the table: A primer on nutrition


This year I will lose weight

Today's resolution is one I'm sure everyone can relate to. I've struggled with my weight for the past few years. I gained a significant amount while unhappy in a relationship in college, lost almost 30 pounds working at Walt Disney World, and then gained back that weight and then some since having Maisy....more

Writing a Chapter for a New Year

In less than two weeks I'll be 30 years old and somehow, I feel like I should have some huge plans in store or conquered some huge milestone. I've come to terms with the fact I'm not married and don't have kids (which is fine by me), and those things never really made me feel like I'd be more up to speed with life than I am now. I've always been pretty focused on making a career happen for myself, but sometimes I do question how life would be different if I'd ever taken a different path. Not out of regret, just curiosity I suppose....more

Jennifer Aniston's yoga guru offers diet and fitness tips

How does Jennifer Aniston stay in such amazing shape? Say hello to her yoga teacher and celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber, author of "Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover (click for details)"....more

Dr. Dow: GABA-Boosting Foods Stop Anxiety And Cravings

It's 3 p.m., and just looking at your to-do list makes you anxious. You're stressed, and ready to reach for a temporary solution like a diet cola or candy bar. To the rescue: Health expert Dr. Mike Dow, author of "Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat" (click for details on how to order)....more

Walden Farms Diet Foods Range From Great To Gag: Reviews

A few years ago, I came across Walden Foods in my local grocery store.  The label proclaimed that they were zero-calorie, zero-carb, gluten-free, and basically free of all nutrition. Hmmmm. Except for water, it seemed impossible....more

I Decided to Get in Shape