Healthy Eating or New Eating Disorders

It's amazing what the internet has enabled people to do. We can just all go online and share our opinions, our work and get approval or even money from it. That is where now we have a problem, while there are genuine people out there just trying to reach a bigger audience to show their talent or work or business there are way too many people taking advantage of the majority.There are so many people out there who are self proclaimed nutritionists and dietitians who are advocating for some crazy diets....more

More Than An Object

Not too long ago, I went out on a date. I am not somebody who goes out often, so this date was didn't surprise anybody more than it surprised me.  At a casual lunch spot, my date and I stood in line to order our food. My eyes scanned the menu and my brain was filled with diet advice and qualifications about each and every food item. Should I order the salad? Maybe, but I'll have to order it without dressing. Can I order a sandwich? What if I have had too many carbs today?...more

Go Nuts for Nuts!

Nuts are a great source of energy and nutrients. Not only do they include vitamins and essential amino acids, but also are they a great source of vitamin E, vitamin B2, fiber, folate, copper and magnesium.1 As nuts are known for their high calorie content, many people are afraid of gaining weight when consuming them and thus avoid this delicious snack. But are there any nuts that are healthier and less in calories than others?...more

Am I a Foodaholic?

I am doing a week-long "cleanse" for the second time in my life. I did the first six months ago and loved it! I lost weight, gained energy, and felt better mentally and physically than I had in years.But when it was over, I slowly started to go back to my old ways, and before I knew it, I put half the weight back on again and felt lousy - tired, lethargic, dull, and a little edgy....more

10 Tips to Win the Belly Fat War

 Most of my clients long for a flatter stomach and washboard abs. While you may want to slim down for vanity’s sake, shrinking your waistline is also important for your health....more

"I Want To Eat Healthier" - Making Changes in the Kitchen Towards a Healthier You!

I am probably the last person on earth who would ever have given healthy eating advice. Several years ago, before I remarried I was a self-confessed fast food addict. There were days when I ate fast food meals three times a day. Needless to say I gained quite a bit of weight and felt sluggish. Getting off the fast food drive-thru track wasn't easy. It was a die-hard habit and I absolutely went through withdrawals. ...more

Taming Holiday Tempation

 December 11, 2014By Dr. A...more

Day 8 - Resurrecting an Oldie but Goodie

I was trying to think of what to write about today, and I came across a posting by Heather who writes "The Waiting is the Hardest Part."  She participated in "Resurrection Blogfest III" yesterday where her fellow bloggers brought back a post from the last year.  I thought I would borrow her idea and repost one of my favorite posts from the last year.  Seriously, I tell patients this on a daily, so I am resharing this blast from the past... well, from 2/10/14 anyway.......more
I used to think I had to go through all this extra effort and learn how to master a dish to eat ...more

Closet shopping as diet motivation?

"Where did that come from?" T asked, eyeing the short white and red striped skirt I was modeling with a raised eyebrow....more

The Moment I Stopped Caring About My Weight

In college I was a svelte 130 pounds. I could wear anything and look like a waif. I could eat buckets of ice cream or live on black coffee and cigarettes, it didn’t matter because my weight was seemingly never more than an ounce over 130 lbs. Life was pretty good.And then I got mortgaged to my long-term boyfriend. Add 10 lbs.And then I got pregnant. Add another 10 lbs. once the post pregnancy weight finally evened out.And then I got married to the long-term boyfriend....more