Read It and Weep: Finding Strength in Books

Reading is by far one of my favourite forms of therapy. There’s nothing quite like the stirring of emotion and relief when I open a book and find out that there is another person out there, somewhere, who knows what it feels like to be me....more

Creativity + Disability = Awesome Halloween Costume

What's the point of Halloween if you can't be silly and laugh at yourself?...more

Parenting Kids With Disabilities: How to Get Through Tough Times

When parents like me talk about our kids with disabilities and intense support needs, we have to be thoughtful. We need to make it quite clear that our kids are much-loved and very awesome human beings. We should never, ever state or imply that any challenges we face as a parent are our children's fault. We need to handle their privacy with delicacy. And we shouldn't accidentally enable disrespect towards children who are already too-frequent magnets for morbid fascination, and pity....more
My darling girl is the light of my life, but trying to get real, substantive help has been agony ...more

Lessons Learned From Living With a Disability

You can’t really understand it until it happens to you, but there is a lot to think about when you live with a disability. I wouldn’t know if it hadn’t happened to me, but it did, so I am passing my wisdom onto you readers. There are a lot of misconceptions about disabled people, and I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything, but I will share with you what I know. I don’t have a disability, but I live with someone who does....more
Not something, someONE. Jeez.more

Changing Conversations: When Parents Murder Disabled Children

Michigan parent Kelli Stapleton recently pled guilty to poisoning her autistic teen daughter Issy. According to police reports, Kelly lured Issy into a van, "drugged her, lit the grills and left the van to get more charcoal while her sleeping daughter breathed in poisonous carbon monoxide fumes." Kelli and Issy both survived the attempted murder-suicide....more
pseudopodia Shannon Des Roches Rosa newzealanditisthen Jess at Diary of a Mom summarized how I ...more

I Am More Than My Diagnosis

This is a topic I’ve been reflecting on for a long time. I’ve read many articles and posts on both sides of the argument. I’ve read posts from adults with spina bifida, and parents of children with spina bifida, who say that spina bifida doesn’t define them. I’ve also seen the other side of the coin, from parents who say that, indeed, spina bifida defines their children. ...more
♥ this post mija!!  You know what I think when I see your name?  That smile, your inner ...more

Bringing in the Sheaves

My day was mixed. I got up early to work on an analysis of our city's new coordinated entry system for people who are homeless. I am at home with data, tallying things in new directions, finding patterns hidden from the less patient. This is what I'm good at - translating the little picture to the big picture - so I was happy to have this be my day. The tallying and charting. Nothing better....more

The Never Ending Story // VA Claim

So far I was keeping all the anger to myself, but it is finally time to speak up about how the VA is treating my man. M served the US Army for 18 years, went to Iraq 5 times. Got injured, suffers from PTSD, has a messed up back, bad rash caused by the stuff he was working with, and several other medical conditions. ...more