I Am More Than My Diagnosis

This is a topic I’ve been reflecting on for a long time. I’ve read many articles and posts on both sides of the argument. I’ve read posts from adults with spina bifida, and parents of children with spina bifida, who say that spina bifida doesn’t define them. I’ve also seen the other side of the coin, from parents who say that, indeed, spina bifida defines their children. ...more
♥ this post mija!!  You know what I think when I see your name?  That smile, your inner ...more

Bringing in the Sheaves

My day was mixed. I got up early to work on an analysis of our city's new coordinated entry system for people who are homeless. I am at home with data, tallying things in new directions, finding patterns hidden from the less patient. This is what I'm good at - translating the little picture to the big picture - so I was happy to have this be my day. The tallying and charting. Nothing better....more

The Never Ending Story // VA Claim

So far I was keeping all the anger to myself, but it is finally time to speak up about how the VA is treating my man. M served the US Army for 18 years, went to Iraq 5 times. Got injured, suffers from PTSD, has a messed up back, bad rash caused by the stuff he was working with, and several other medical conditions. ...more

Think Before You Post that Platitude Online

There's been something weighing on my mind that's been sitting there for a while. It has to do with people spouting well-meaning platitudes that unfortunately come across as being condescending, hurtful, ignorant or even just cruel. ...more
I have a child with cystic fibrosis. While not 'disabled', it is a fatal and incurable ...more

What's It All About? Thoughts on Disability, Difference, and Dissatisfaction

"We spend nearly every minute wanting things to be a little bit different, a little bit better. Even now, reading this, you might be thinking defensively: But I only want what’s best....more

Hot Disability Issues

A hot issue currently is an employee’s ability to keep their job when they have to take time off due to an illness or disability and the duty of an employer to accommodate them while maintaining a productive workplace. Although the Americans with Disability Act (“Act”) has been in effect for some years, its provisions became muddled and diminished through various court decisions....more

Our Disabled Parking Pass Is None of Your Business

Why someone needs a disabled parking pass is none of your damn business, just so you know. Folks don't have the passes if they don't need them, and as they go through an official process of applications and approvals to get that pass, your opinion is irrelevant -- even if you can’t tell what the person’s disability is. ...more
Many people don't seem to know that there are "indivisible disabilities."  I've heard many ...more

Starting again

Life is not the way i intended. Life never is what you expect.  Not for us at least.You see our darling daughter has Cerebral palsy. This isnt new to us but the condition becomes more obvious with every passing day and we face new challenges, with her and with our own view of the world.We know that our lives have to change and we have to change with them. That is exactly what i plan to do. It really isnt that difficult.I need to be home with baby girl...fact. I need to earn a living...fact....more

Thoughts on Attending BlogHer '13 with a Disability

There are many blog posts about the mega BlogHer event that concluded in Chicago almost two weeks ago. Each one I read was wonderful, detailing the unique camaraderie between bloggers, discussing the brands at the Expo Hall, and summing up what each blogger learned both from the sessions and their own personal experiences. As a writer and a health advocate, I can’t sit still without using my own voice about BlogHer from the point of view of a midlifer and someone living with a disability. ...more
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9 ways having a disability is awesome

I have a physical disability: I was born without fingers on my right hand. Don’t worry, it’s cool. Bitches love nubbins.…Actually, no they don’t. I’m not even sure why I said that. I think it’s because I was trying really hard to make this a post that had no swearing or inappropriate humor, and I cracked after two sentences.Sorry....more