Please Don't Post Those Inspirational Photos of People with Disabilities

I love thus post! And I agree. "Inspiration porn" memes are condescending and pitying. I don't ...more

It's Not About Inclusiveness

Tonight, my mom and I were watching the Olympics, and I was excited to see Oscar Pistorius competing. I'd read about him a few weeks ago and was hoping to catch one of his races. For those who don't know, Pistorius (South Africa) is the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics (as compared to the Paralympics). He's an amazing athlete, and, as a person with a disability myself, I think it's particularly awesome to see him competing alongside able-bodied athletes. ...more
Yes! Words do matter! That's why I'm not giving up!   Inclusive means to include. I don't think ...more

College Planning for Grads with Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a current college student with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I know the going isn't easy. Over the last three years, I have come up with solutions and advice that have helped me manage issues like living alone, time management, social interaction, and securing disability accommodations, as well as creating guidelines for future snags and anticipated events. In this series, starting with the college-planning process, I hope to shed a little more light on what it's like to navigate college and provide some critical planning tools for families and students with ASD. ...more
There is some excellent advice in this article. One more support person to consider is a ...more

Autism Is No Excuse? Really?

Honestly, I don't give a fig about strangers judging how I parent my autistic son. I know I'm doing my best with all three of my kids, and am also constantly learning from my mistakes. Plus Leo has the same right to be in public as anyone, as long as (like anyone) he's not being disruptive. If he's having a hard time, there's always a good reason, and we move on. What I do care about is how strangers respond when Leo needs accommodation. And last month, when I reluctantly pulled out the autism card to ask if Leo could jump the queue for a public restroom, a stranger lectured me on how autism did not justify my request, and that furthermore I was teaching my son bad behavior by asking for special treatment. Yeah. How's that autism awareness working for you? ...more
@cmg While your story has very little to do with mine (we were asking for a courtesy, you were ...more

Special Needs + Disability BLOG HOP on WEDNESDAYS

With a Little Moxie Do you have a child with special needs? And/or a disability yourself? Join us in our weekly special needs/disability blog hop!The completely optional prompt and photo-to-riff comes out on Monday; the BlogHop is live on Wednesday for 6 days. It's a great time to discover new friends, community and promote your favorite posts.The prompt and photo for this week are here:...more

Special Kids Need Adult Role Models

Leo's kind of autism is not subtle. It's intense. He's not much for speaking, or reacting to questions in expected ways -- though he usually does hear what's said, and respond in his own way. Sometimes his autism means exuberant whooping and galloping in great big circles with no concern for social propriety. Many people assume Leo wouldn't have much in common with Zoe, an autistic college student -- probably because Zoe can speak in a more typical manner than Leo. That doesn't mean she's not autistic -- it means others don't always perceive the effort she puts into communicating and getting through her day....more

The Autism Effect

 I have a daughter with autism. Now, one of my daughters, K1, has a son with autism. I  had a lovely conversation with my daughter K1 yesterday. As mothers of autistic children, our conversations often veer into the topic of raising a child with autism....more

To Embrace This

Who would have ever thought that I would be in the mental space that I am in when it comes to the girl turning 18.  For months, if not years, I have anticipated this time when she will prepare to exit the traditional school setting of public education and enter into the world of adult services.  I was eager to complete the often meaningless requirements, like world history, in favor of more purposeful opportunities.  Eager to be done with the years of wondering if she is eating lunch alone. Just plain eager to be done....more

A letter to my mother:why I started blogging

Two years,3 months, and 12 days its the number that keeps going through my head....more