Is Pregnancy a Disability?

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN...more

Abuse and Down Syndrome: Protecting Our Children

I am not worried about speech development for my 17-month-old daughter with Down syndrome, Moxie. I'm not worried about when and how she will walk. Not worried her mastery of eating utensils, or really, much of anything. Except abuse. I am terrified of abuse. It can keep me awake at night. I breathe deeply and let it go and try as best as I ever can to not hold my fear in....more
Parents can be abusers too. It's important for us all to be vigilant, but not intrusive. Because ...more

How do I learn to accept Limitations?

My family doctor is an awesome man.  He is, without a doubt, looking out for my best interests.  He's frank and tells me like it is.  So do I listen?  Not always.  I eventually listen....more
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In Which I am Interviewed

Yes. I was interviewed by Deborah, mother of the Smoochalicious Evan at Four Blessings of Mine. She came up with the *brilliant* idea of giving the same set of questions to various mommybloggers in the Ds club.  I was pretty honoured to be included - thanks, Deb! ...more

Rick Hansen Global Accessibility Map

October 12th, 2011 marks an important day for people with disabilities, caregivers, seniors, and parents with strollers.  On this day the Rick Hansen Foundation launched the Rick Hansen Global Accessibility Map.  This is a moment that for myself I welcome, applaud and mourn.    The Map is an online tool that will raise awareness and essentially join people around the world in the common goal to make our p...more

Steve Jobs - Impact on the Disability Community

As the world heard recently, Steve Jobs the Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., passed away of pancreatic cancer.  He was an innovator, an entrepreneur and a genius.  Few could argue about his contributions to the technological world of computers.  I wonder if he ever truly imagined the impact Apple would have on so many.  Did he know what kind of doors it opened for people with disabilities? IPads are now being used to facilitate learning and communication for adults and children with Autism and other...more

crunchy ears

Before I had Moxie, there was something that I couldn't quite put my finger on about the eyes of people with Down syndrome. I knew they were unique, easily distinguishable, but I didn't know why. What exactly it was that made the eyes the calling card of an extra chromosome for so many. Now I know: it's called the epicanthic fold, an extra layer of skin over the eyes, kind of like built-in sunglasses....more
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Poverty and Affordable Housing

Poverty and homelessness is an issue that face Autistic people, as well as people with and without other disabilities. A concern for those with disabilities is whether homeless shelters, women's shelters and other services are supportive of their disabilities, and uncertainty may be a big factor in whether disabled people access such services. Which kinda creates a cycle unless it's specified that services are accessible to disabled people. ...more

small is good//petite and precious

small is good//petite and precious The lady bagging my groceries at Trader Joe's just could not get over how tiny Moxie is. "She's 15 months?" - I smiled, nodded. "When's her birthday?" (yeah, she's thinking somehow I - who pushed this child out WITHOUT DRUGS somehow got it wrong, huh - fat chance, lady) - May. 7th....more

kinder than necessary

kinder than necessary Be kinder than necessary ~ for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle....more