The Autism Effect

 I have a daughter with autism. Now, one of my daughters, K1, has a son with autism. I  had a lovely conversation with my daughter K1 yesterday. As mothers of autistic children, our conversations often veer into the topic of raising a child with autism....more

To Embrace This

Who would have ever thought that I would be in the mental space that I am in when it comes to the girl turning 18.  For months, if not years, I have anticipated this time when she will prepare to exit the traditional school setting of public education and enter into the world of adult services.  I was eager to complete the often meaningless requirements, like world history, in favor of more purposeful opportunities.  Eager to be done with the years of wondering if she is eating lunch alone. Just plain eager to be done....more

A letter to my mother:why I started blogging

Two years,3 months, and 12 days its the number that keeps going through my head....more


the technology bound writer

A blinking cursor and a blank page:the bane of all writers. So when all else fails write about the blinking cursor....more

Am I disabled, or enabled?

Am I disabled?  Two months ago I started a leave from work.  This type of leave is called “Short Term Disability.”  Not short term leave.  Short term disability.  Filling out the forms made me face a harsh reality.  I had to look myself in the mirror with honesty, sift through my insecurities regarding an unwanted tag, and ask myself, “Am I disabled?  Is there something I can’t do?”...more

I did the unthinkable DAMN IT

 Ok so I Know I’ve kept u guys on the edge of ur seats long enough wtf has been goin on in my life well let’s see the C guy wants too fuck there is no doubt about that and my hormones are rising but where the fuck we sposed to do this shit we both in our 30’s and live with our parents how lame is that shit! ...more

Tuesday Talk: The IEP

Probably right around the time you are taking your first sip of your deliciously powerful morning cuppa home-brewed goodness, I will be sitting cross-legged on the floor with our Regional Center Counselor and our program thereapist (s). We're likely to be gazing at Moxie who will likely be scoot-scatting here and there, doing her Moxie-full bits of charming play. ...more

Is Pregnancy a Disability?

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN...more

Abuse and Down Syndrome: Protecting Our Children

I am not worried about speech development for my 17-month-old daughter with Down syndrome, Moxie. I'm not worried about when and how she will walk. Not worried her mastery of eating utensils, or really, much of anything. Except abuse. I am terrified of abuse. It can keep me awake at night. I breathe deeply and let it go and try as best as I ever can to not hold my fear in....more
Parents can be abusers too. It's important for us all to be vigilant, but not intrusive. Because ...more