crunchy ears

Before I had Moxie, there was something that I couldn't quite put my finger on about the eyes of people with Down syndrome. I knew they were unique, easily distinguishable, but I didn't know why. What exactly it was that made the eyes the calling card of an extra chromosome for so many. Now I know: it's called the epicanthic fold, an extra layer of skin over the eyes, kind of like built-in sunglasses....more
I think she is absolutely beautiful :)more

Poverty and Affordable Housing

Poverty and homelessness is an issue that face Autistic people, as well as people with and without other disabilities. A concern for those with disabilities is whether homeless shelters, women's shelters and other services are supportive of their disabilities, and uncertainty may be a big factor in whether disabled people access such services. Which kinda creates a cycle unless it's specified that services are accessible to disabled people. ...more

small is good//petite and precious

small is good//petite and precious The lady bagging my groceries at Trader Joe's just could not get over how tiny Moxie is. "She's 15 months?" - I smiled, nodded. "When's her birthday?" (yeah, she's thinking somehow I - who pushed this child out WITHOUT DRUGS somehow got it wrong, huh - fat chance, lady) - May. 7th....more

kinder than necessary

kinder than necessary Be kinder than necessary ~ for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle....more

Everyone has problems.

This month, my work is in A Somewhat Secret Place, a show focusing on disability and its status in art and in society. Participating in this exhibition has led to some fascinating conversations and revelations....more

Why *I* Travel: My Thoughts on Paul Theroux's "Why We Travel"

I’m now going to admit something scandalous: I hate Paul Theroux. Not the man himself–I’ve never met him; he might be lovely in person. I hate Paul Theroux’s writing. Yes, that pretty much revokes my membership to all travel writing guilds. Theroux is the golden boy of post-20th century travel writing....more

College money for kids with ADHD!

I just ran across this info about a new scholarship program for high school kids with ADHD who are making the transition to college, vocational or technical school. It's called the Shire ADHD Scholarship Program (it's a biopharmaceutical company, so they can afford it!) and they give out 25 one-time scholarships on August 9....more

Kids With Special Needs and the Child Care Minefield

Did you know that all U.S. child care centers and home daycares have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), no matter how small the operation is? Yet parents of kids with special needs are routinely turned away from daycare, or forced to lodge legal complaints against child care providers who do not provide the accommodation their kids are legally entitled to. I recently spoke with Jana Burke, Project Director of the Rocky Mountain Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC) ADA Center, about the rights and issues surrounding kids with special needs and day care....more

As the mom of three kids with a rare disorder, autism, and epilepsy, I went through the process ...more

Dancing While Black and Disabled

Ms. Ash questions what happens when people cannot speak out, say, about race. The post features a picture where the dancer (Ms. Ash) appears to be silenced by her pointe shoes -- the ribbons of the shoes seem to make a large "x" across her mouth. (If you can look more closely, though, the tape doesn't actually visibly meet the ribbon.) Either way, though, it's a striking picture. ...more

I really love that bird position and its expressiveness and elegance. And wonder what those ...more