Lessons Everywhere You Look: On Autism And Disability

Some days I wonder if we were set up from the get-go to expect less, to hope for less, to dream of less. My son's prognosis was grim and bitter to the heart when he was a tender five. And yet here he is at 21 continually amazing us with the strides he makes....more

Study indicates people with ADHD are more creative

If you have a child or teen with ADHD, you may have wondered if their ADHD works to their advantage in some ways. A new study indicates that the attention deficit has at least one positive: increased creativity.Why? The theory is that by not being completely focused on one thing, your mind can wander and make new associations. In other words, ADHD kids can often "think outside the box."...more

Dyslexia in the workplace

Articles like this drive me crazy. I know it's not possible for everyone to know about brain training or understand that dyslexia (and other learning disabilities) don't have to be a lifelong diagnosis, but everytime I read about "accommodations" of some sort it drives me up a wall. It's like saying, "Let's create a really quiet work environment because Dan has a headache," instead of fixing Dan's headache by giving him an aspirin. (Or teaching him to stop hitting his head with a hammer, which is CAUSING the headaches!)...more

New findings into why 4x more boys have autism

It's hardly a coincidence that four times more boys than girls have autism. But until recently, no one was sure why. But a new study out of George Washington University has shown that testosterone and estrogen have opposite effects on a gene that scientists call "RORA."  And here's the issue:A. The RORA gene's job is to turn on several other genes. B. Testosterone lowers the ability of cells to turn on the RORA gene; estrogen raises it....more

Thanks for reading! I am just fascinated by all things related to the brain - especially kids' ...more

Jan. 29 is National Puzzle Day! (and a good time to test your child's cognitive skills!)

Puzzles are great toys for kids not only because they’re usually very affordable, but also because they help strengthen important brain skills, like attention, visual processing, planning and spatial reasoning....more

3 Things You Can Learn From Your Child's Handwriting

Did you know that January 23, 2011 is National Handwriting Day? Some people don't believe in the emotional evaluation of handwriting, but I'm guessing a lot fewer people would argue with the brain-related evaluation. Here are 3 examples:...more

SSI helps kids with ADHD ... if they're on meds

This is really sad. This single mom has two boys with ADHD. Her neighbor told her about a federal program (SSI) that will help you if your child is mentally or behavorially disabled ... but only if they're taking meds....more

Texting after bedtime could lead to ADHD/anxiety/depression in kids & teens

Does your kid have a cell phone? I like to think mine are too young, but nowadays, there's probably no such thing if you're in sales and marketing. There's an article out today about a new study that shows more than 50% of kids who text after they get in bed could have ADHD and other cognitive deficiencies (like memory issues) or mood issues (like anxiety and depression). In this particular study, the average age was 14 and the texting happened 10 minutes - 4 hours after bedtime. Plus, the average kid was woken up once during the night by a text message....more

Waiting for surgery date. Again.

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for my Cochlear surgery to be scheduled this year. Ok, scratch that. I’ve spent the whole year waiting for the surgery to be scheduled. So it’s just a little ironic that I find myself doing it again. Waiting....more

I hope that everything gets approved and re-booked soon.

Contributing Editor Karen ...more