Living With Disease-You Are Not Alone

By living with a disease, I've learned honesty is the best policy. Although I don't usually offer up the gross and detailed symptoms of my disease to passersby, if they really want to know, they're going to get the truth....more
Compassion and empathy for others, accepting what we are dealt with and still smiling can be so ...more

Need a Minute to Have a Mommy Meltdown

 I’m going to apologize in advance for my meltdown.  I just want to act like a two year old for a minute.  I want to kick my feet and bang my head against the wall and scream not fair! ...more

Think Dogs with IVDD Can't Live Happily? Think Again!

 Barbara TechelAward winning author of Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog book ...more

Single Parenting Is Not a Disease

Contrary to popular belief, single parenting is not a disease. It’s not an illness overtaking society, or an addiction that must be overcome no matter what. “Hello, my name is Molly Jo, and I’m a Single Parent.” Yes, it’s a dilemma that can be draining on society. But it’s not always something to be pointed at with pity. Being a single parent doesn’t make me a cancer on society any more than eating lettuce makes you a vegetarian. If you only eat lettuce, even that doesn’t make you a vegetarian. It doesn’t even make you a rabbit. Rabbits eat more than just lettuce. It makes you a lettuce eater....more
Thank you, Polish Mama. I appreciate that!more

To Vaccinate or Not: The Legal Requirements

Brother's Keeper ...more

On The Path To "Real Food"

I welcome all comments! Shelia Harris Life Everyday!...more

Just One of Those Days

I thought I would come back from a trip like this one with so much to say. Some new revelation about living with diabetes, maybe come back having conquered the disease. But really, I came back to the same old shit I always deal with. There is no conquering this disease. There is no point where you have become good enough at taking care of yourself that it just goes away. There is no remission. It is always going to be with me and always going to suck up my time and energy just to feel as good as what other people feel like without even trying....more

Childhood Vaccinations: The Truth Minus the Bias

What a heated controversy vaccinations are these days. Seems that everyone gets their child vaccinated when they're told to because that's what is logical and best for bumpkin - but, what if it wasn't so good for bumpkin? How would you know and how could you be sure the information you got was accurate, reliable and factual? Such is the problem I've run into while determining whether vaccinations are a healthy choice for my little one. Everyone has an opinion about vaccinations, I just want the facts so I can then form a sound opinion....more

My book review of Mary Ann Tassey's Medical Records Journal .... Just posted ...

Posted my review of Mary Tassey's Medical Records Journal at The Librarian's Review of Books,

The Mother of All Taboos

In case you have not heard, there is a vaccine war raging in America between pharmaceutical companies and Moms. The battle lines are publically drawn this way: One side says evil pharma is poisoning kids for a bigger buck....more