Disney’s PINOCCHIO Brings Memories and Beauty to Bluray for Families!

This week on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD from Disney’s Signature Collection is a film that has become one of the most beloved classics in animation with PINOCCHIO!The story is told by the one and only Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Cliff Edwards) about Geppetto (Christian Rub) is a creative man of many talents. One such talent is creating amazing puppets that almost look real. One such puppet is Pinocchio (Dickie Jones) who Geppetto wishes were a real boy....more


Though I don’t talk about it much, I am plus-sized or as the Disney community likes to say “Pooh-sized”. I also love going to Disney. I have lost 24 pounds since the beginning of the year and I am training to do my first Walt Disney World Princess 10K in 2017. Fact is, I have a lot more weight to lose and because of my medical conditions, it takes forever to lose weight....more

WE are Dory's Mom

I took my three kids to the movies this weekend for their first theater experience. Many of you obviously did the same, considering Pixar’s newest film, Finding Dory, earned more than $136 million in three days.As I sat and watched America’s favorite ocean animals zip across the screen, I settled into what I thought would be pure entertainment for our family; I certainly wasn’t prepared when the movie turned into a support group session for me....more

10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation

Believe or not, it is possible to have an unmagical Disney vacation. Disney is filled with magic, some people completely miss out on it though. Reasons abound as to why the magic is missed, but you can help make your trip more magical. Here are 10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation. ...more

What Will Disney Characters Autograph?

Many times I have mentioned that meeting characters is one of my favorite experiences at Disney World. For years I just met with characters and interacted with them. Then  about a year ago I decided to start getting autographs from the characters. Since the parks are always getting new characters and sometimes retiring others I wanted a way to remember the moment with something other than a picture. Then I got thinking, What Will Disney Characters Autograph?...more

Ultimate Insider’s 101 guide to the top 5 character dining restaurants at Disney World

So, there are about a million restaurants at Disney World (slight exaggeration I know…) all catering for your culinary desires, well most peoples anyway (even food allergies are really well taken care of). So which ones are best? This is our family’s quick guide to our top 5 character restaurants across the whole of Walt Disney World to help you get started and hopefully help you decide where to eat with the kids no matter where you are during your vacation. I will follow up with separate posts on fine dining, table service and quick service but thought it best to start with the ones which the kids are most interested in!...more

Ultimate Insider's 101 guide to Disney World - The Magic Kingdom

Ultimate Insider's 101 guide to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World!Nothing quite prepares you for the first trip to Disney World but what is really unexpected is the fact that you get the same feeling of entering another magical world no matter how many times you go or how old you are!  We took our kids when they were very young, (our little one Mimi was just 6 weeks old on her first trip, crazy I know...but it was a great vacation) the sense of happiness and magic never fails to come back year on year.  The Magic Kingdom is the heart of Disney World and is so huge that we’re still learning things each visit......more

I am a Marathoner

Certain characteristics are foreign to me.  Tall, brilliant mathematician, amazing dancer are just a few adjectives that I will never claim.  Marathoner was also included in that group of words. Until just a few weeks ago.  I ran a marathon! Me! Even I am in shock.  ...more

My Sentimental, Top 3 Favorite Attractions at Walt Disney World Resort.

While making this list; I realized ALL of my faves are located in Magic Kingdom Park, all three sentimental that is. I’ve listed them in order of the most beloved and the reason they’re special to me.  My number one attraction Carousel of Progress might surprise a lot of you....more