Karma, You're Such A Wicked Bitch and I Love You.


My First Marriage Was a Disaster - And I'm Thankful For That

Aging. It really gives you some perspective. It changes the way you see the world and your former, younger self.Now approaching my 40s, I think back to my first marriage and I can feel the grimace forming on my face. It’s like looking back at a car accident you almost can’t bear to watch....more

And then there are the times Co-Parenting Sucks

I recently wrote about how terrific successful co-parenting could be, but I wanted to bring a little light to many times it totally SUCKS: ...more

I'm on the Divorce Welcoming Committee

When I was getting divorced, no one told me, “Congratulations!” or “Good job!” Instead, they frowned, rubbed my shoulders and wanted to cry. Only, I was euphoric; I was liberated from my controlling husband and it wasn’t easy taking the final steps to leave. ...more

A Letter to the Mother of My Stepdaughters

In the beginning when I came onto the scene, it was really hard. All of the sudden, not only did a new man come into my life, but two beautiful little blonde girls came with him. I was living in an apartment, single in my thirties, and independently successful. The girls were sweet at 5 and 7 years old, such unassuming ages that they welcomed me right away. ...more

The Co-Parenting Club

“I would never be able to do that,” she says to me and shakes her head insistently. “There is no way I would give up my child for half the week. I cannot live without her. I would rather exist in my sexless, loveless marriage fueled by anger and resentment than give up my child. What kind of mother does that?!” ...more

When Your Divorced Parents' Wedding Song Still Tugs at Your Heart

My parent’s wedding song was the Theme to Love Story. To this day, the iconic melancholy melody punches me in the gut, squeezes my heart, and puts a lump in my throat - and it’s not because of a nostalgic longing for my parents loving marriage. ...more

A miscarriage and an ugly divorce: She survived it all .. with a little help from the “unborn”

Yes. It happened to one of my friends. A dear one. She had married two years back and was about to give birth this year. Her partner and she had planned the baby and much to her shock, he did a complete volte-face after the baby was conceived. He didn’t want the baby anymore and blurted out all the “grave” reasons why they shouldn’t have it. He realized he needed more time and money to bring the baby up. My friend refused to budge and left her husband’s place for her mum’s. ...more

What Color is My Parachute? And Does it Match My Shoes?

(Excerpt from Real Time Wreck)...more

Over-Spender Meets Under Earner

A woman meets a man at the public tennis courts. They are both in the pro shop purchasing balls.They date.They fall in love.On the surface, this looks like a dream come true; opposite money habits that fit like a piece of a jig-saw puzzle, but it’s actually a train wreck coming in the future....more