Ben's New Beginning

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Husband number one.

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When does it end?

I filed for divorced in February.  Long Story.Separated in March.  Longer Story.Worked out custody in mediation.  Stalemate on financials and such.  Longer Story Still.So?  Now?Court date is in March.  2015.MARCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 2015.Two adults can’t sit down and AGREE on things that should be easy to work out.There’s no ‘easy’.There’s no ‘fair’.There’s no ‘negotiating’.There’s no ‘equal’.It’s a damn divorce.  And a nasty one at that. You might think “Hey, he would want this DONE ASAP?”...more
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I was asked "What are your goals?"To get divorced."No, a GOAL."Um, that 'is' a goal?Apparently, it isn't.  And apparently, since it's all I think about, I have NO goals.How about THAT?Yep, I didn't see it either.The only immediate goal I have is to get to trial in March.  That's the one thing I have as a wish.  A focus.  A need.  A want.But alas, not a goal.  So I'm informed.So?  I stared blankly.  I got NOTHING.  ...more

Helping New Single Moms

Did you know that almost half of babies born every year are born to single moms? These babies are often born to moms who are overwhelmed from the beginning and not getting much sleep. They don’t know what to do, and they feel alone and isolated. As time passes, these women keep doing the same things over and over, barely able to keep their heads above water. They live in survival mode....more

Separating from your spouse? Say hello to Mr. Panic Attack

Other kids had imaginary friends growing up, I had panic attacks. I think I had my first panic attack when I was four. I remember a big one when I was seven, visiting Opryland. I began hyperventilating during a stage show medley of country classics and had to be taken to their medical center. (But really, was it a panic attack or a way to get the hell out of Opryland?...more

Adult Child Of Divorce Pt. 2

My very fist post on here was about my parents declaration of their divorce and my feelings towards it. well, thats pretty much all I did. I went ahead to describe the emotions that lingered everyday for so many years, I described the sudden realization that perfection did not exist anymore... I wrote about an unfortunate event. However I didnt even mention how I over came it....more

The Battle for Halloween: Family Holidays After Divorce

He gets the 4th of July, I get Halloween. He gets to light things on fire and cross his fingers that the dogs don't chew a hole through the wall, and I get to make a Dr. Horrible costume and explore haunted houses on North Portsmouth Street with the thousands of people who all of a sudden seem to live in our neighborhood. He gets to spend too much money on garbage that makes noise, and I get to spend $10 on candy that will somehow stay in my house until all of eternity goes by and a new world begins and then my $10 candy is an ancient, preserved, sticky relic (that the kids will still want to eat). But this year he asked if he could have them for Halloween....more
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Rock Walls

Sitting in traffic…shocker.  Thinking:  Have you ever looked at the rock walls as you drive down the interstate?Me either.Until today.You can see the grooves of the dynamite tubes they drilledYou can see it weathered and softenedYou can see pieces cracking and falling off...more

Should I Tell My Friend She Should Get a Divorce?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My friend is married to real jerk. He's just not kind or loving. I have never really liked him but tried to be supportive. I thought she rushed into it too fast, but she felt the pressure of the biological clock. (They now have kids.) She told me she is thinking of leaving him but wants my opinion on what she should do. Do you I tell the truth? I think she should dump him....more
I agree. I am currently in the shoes of the 'possibly getting a divorce' friend. I don't want ...more