All By Myself

Soooo… remember that time I was all like, “MER. You GUYSSSSSS…. I have to go to a funeral all by myself and it’s going to be awkward and stupid and gross.”?Remember that?And then, I sat there like this:Even though you couldn’t see me....more

Fake It Until You Make It and Working Our Marriage Out

While the woman he had an affair with keeps calling him...more

Life After Divorce: Meet Bethany

Divorce is one of the most devastating things you could ever put yourself or your family through. The devastating effects and the toll it takes on you and the people closest to you leaves you emotionally, financially, and physically drained and grasping for what your next move should be. In the beginning, starting a new life can seem hopeless-futile. You know you should pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward, but most of the time you are left wondering what exactly does forward look like?...more

Should I stay married? My kids are grown and out of the house, but it would be tough financially.

I received an email from Mary.  She writes: Should I stay married? My kids are grown and out of the house, but it would be tough financially.My Response I’m sure you have realized how challenging getting divorced will be, even with the financial challenges.  That is why it is so important to really think about the benefits and consequences of your next steps....more
adelewishnot Great point!  Starting and ending a relationship is never easy.  Thanks for your post.more

9 Ways Sweatpants Can Lead To Divorce

Eva Mendes warned us all about the matrimonial threat posed by sweatpants. I was trapped in the Toronto airport this weekend and their merchandisers seem hell bent on making it divorce proof. I couldn’t find sweatpants anywhere, and I really needed a pair. Lots of people think she’s wrong, but these are some ways sweat pants can legitimately ruin even the most stable union:...more

An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband

Ex-Husband,(no salutation necessary)As of yesterday, we are officially divorced.  Finally.Thank you — for not only wasting 16 years of my life, but another full year in divorce.  We ended up on the settlement where we would have been 8 months ago.  Thanks for taking up more of my life.  Thanks for costing more money.Thank you — for making me realize what you were doing during all those times you were detached from us.  Me. The boys....more
adelewishnot YOU GO!!!!!!!  The struggle...the lies.....the utter bs.  And?  We are stronger ...more

True or False? Divorce Quiz For You

A fun quiz to test your knowledge of divorce. Separating myth from fact...There are many false beliefs and stereotypes surrounding divorce. Let’s separate fact from fiction or at least get a handle on some interesting divorce stats. Take the divorce savvy quiz and find out how much you really know....more


So I wrote a post not to long ago about divorce and how my ex is being a piece of shit. We'll.. That's continuting. He left his family, he left me. Why am I suffering?!...more

One WHOLE Year

 I filed for divorce today.  One year ago.One.  Full.  Year.365 days.I remember I was in shock.I remember I was nervous.I remember I had some tears.I remember thinking “oh, he will want to do this the ‘nice’ way”.I remember I thought we could agree.I remember that I couldn’t believe what he told me.I remembered thinking “it can’t get worse”.It did....more

5 Ways to Get Your Finances Back on Track After a Divorce

No matter the circumstances, divorce is an emotional roller coaster that often takes a long time to recover from. The upheaval of ending a marriage is stressful and overwhelming, even when the split is amicable.For women, the emotional stress is often accompanied by financial stress. Moving out, separating bank accounts, assuming insurance premiums, and paying legal fees all make divorce an expensive and stressful endeavor. In fact, many women stay in unhappy marriages simply because the financial burden of going it alone can be crushing. ...more
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), I can tell you that just about all of these ...more