What Color is My Parachute? And Does it Match My Shoes?

(Excerpt from Real Time Wreck)...more

Over-Spender Meets Under Earner

A woman meets a man at the public tennis courts. They are both in the pro shop purchasing balls.They date.They fall in love.On the surface, this looks like a dream come true; opposite money habits that fit like a piece of a jig-saw puzzle, but it’s actually a train wreck coming in the future....more

How Hailing a Cab Naked Became An Ultimate Life-Altering Moment

Negative life events such as getting divorced can strip us of our self esteem....more
Good for you! (And good for your husband for "getting it.")  Denise SheKnows Community Directormore

Why Are Holidays So Tough After Divorce?

It’s the Tuesday before 4th of July weekend. I am just done texting with a lovely man that I have been seeing over the past few weeks and learned that he has family in town and is not available to see me over the holiday weekend. I don’t know why I assumed we would have time together. Perhaps a picnic in the park and a walk along the lake. Perhaps some nice food, wine and conversation as usual. Perhaps some extra time in bed, in his arms. Perhaps brunch together the morning after. ...more

I'm a MILF!

It’s funny to think we’ll be eternally grateful for the American Pie movie series for introducing the term, MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) into the mainstream lexicon. ...more

There's Another Story Behind that Pictures

I read an article recently titled, "Yes, your friends are using Facebook to make you jealous of their vacations." Great title, right?...more

My Husband Told Me He's Gay... But That Didn't End Our Marriage

There was an argument.  Which was odd -- we didn't really have arguments.  Bickering?  Yes......but no arguing.It was a bad argument.  That made no sense to me.  His sudden vile anger.  He had been hateful for a few months -- when my dad was ill with cancer and after his passing.  Just mean really.  It was shocking.And then?"I'm gay".And my response?  "Well, that's fucking GREAT!"I packed up the kids and left for the night....more
thank you. this happened to my mom and she can't let gomore

I Never Thought I'd Be Married a Second Time Around

I never thought I’d get married, never thought I’d have kids, never thought I’d get divorced, DEFINITELY NEVER EVER thought I’d get remarried, God forbid....more
jcventry  Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right. (Or even a third.) What I've ...more

The Constant

There's no "team" anymore.  I'm divorced.There wasn't really much of a "team" anyway -- but that's another sorted tale....more