Making My Own 'Lemonade'

I used to believe that getting married and becoming “some man's wife” was the ultimate betrayal of my feminism. I admit, I was a bit misguided and jaded in my teens and twenties. I think my own experience witnessing the failed marriage of my parents and the old school style of coupling between my grandparents, led me to believe that women never found wholeness or freedom when joined matrimoniously. Image: Columbia Records ...more
this was very beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.more

Sometimes You Need To Scream

I don’t often visibly lose control, but on yesterday I did.  I had just about had enough. My emotions were all over the place.  ...more

How Do I Make Him Understand?

I've told my XH.I've emailed my XH.I've pleaded with my no avail.  I'm out of options.He's losing touch with my boys.  He's losing them.  And?  I don't know if he cares or is just oblivious with his own "new" life.The boys still see him for visitation.  Unless he moves it....or he changes it....or doesn't do it.  And when it does change?  Boys don't even care.  They are just "Ok, we stay with you" and go on....more

Second Chance Marriage

Saying “Divorce is hard,” is a huge understatement. Many people come out of it believing they will never get married again. I was one of them. I had 50/50 custody of my two children and planned out my new single life. I thought, maybe I’ll start dating when my last kid goes to college....more

Roots or No Roots?

Life is not a simple thing. Throughout everything, life has been a struggle for me. I think mostly, I have struggled because I had never known there was another way. I knew that other people were more fortunate but me………I would never be anything. I would never grow into a person who was successful as that just wasn’t how I was raised....more

Divorce: How I'm Surviving (and Thriving)

It's been a year since it was final. The divorce.  The boys and I are a okay.  Really.  Swear. I remember when I first realized I was filing for divorce.  The sheer panic of two kids, a job, a house, etc. Alone in this ... all of it. It's daunting. You imagined you would be married and have a partner that would be there to raise the kids. Take care of things.  Be YOUR partner. ...more
alianora It hit me hard.....I was alone and parenting was all on me anyway.  Hang in there, friendmore


The Cocoon

Everyday I watch a part of our lives crumble beneath our feet and notice that the precipice we are standing on is getting smaller. I am in chronic pain and I work demanding jobs. My physical strength has lessened and fat seems to wrap around me like bubble wrap....more

Radical Acceptance

  My experience with radical acceptance did not begin by choice. ...more

Taking Stock of Your Life After Divorce

Ever since around Valentine's Day, I've been in a funk. I don't think it was the actual day per se but other things that were happening around that time that kinda just took the wind out of my sails and made me realize that maybe I'm not really handling things as well as I thought I was....more
When I was going thru my divorce and for quite a while afterward, I had many, many days like ...more