Therapy Group (A Painful Comedy)

To combat the stress of the craziness, both inner and outer, I’ve started doing Tai Chi in the backyard.  Not real Tai Chi, because I’ve never taken a class, but my own version that I’ve made up.  I recall Ralph Macchio in“The Karate Kid”- wax on, was off - and the old geezers I used to see in Chinatown parks at 7am and put together a series of body movements coordinated with in and out breaths.  So naturally, after dinner where my father made us order from the kids’ menu as punishment for taking his car to the mall, and I saw him give his usual 8% tip that made me c...more

Before He Told Me

Part 2 of a series, “Once More With Feeling” I slept on the couch last night - again.  “Slept” would be the wrong word.  More like, I tossed back and forth for hours until I finally passed out from exhaustion.  Like most nights, I was so uneasy, so tortured, I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t want to lie in the bed next to Geoff.  I can’t replay even one more night the loneliness and the rejection I feel each time he pulls away at the slightest brush of my arm to his in our bed.  He reacts as if my touch is physically painful for him. I think I’ve been...more

You know, one of my readers made the assumption it was fiction, but I never confirmed that one ...more

Time - The Great Pretender (Part Two)

So much time. So little time. Time. Time. Time. The great pretender. Time and space. Temporality. Live the life you want. Responsibility. Where does motherhood leave off and personhood begin? What is the correct balance? Is there a correct balance? When love goes away where does it go? All energy is supposed to turn into something else, but what? What if love doesn’t turn to hate, or friendship, but just is gone? Gone into the dark night. Nighttime Is what I liked best Clouds of darkness over my head...more

High Functioning Child with Autism faced with Divorcing Parents

David age seven a child with Autism is coping with the loss of parent in his household. His father is the main caregiver of him, both parents have joint custody of him. The typical week for David is spent between his father's and  grandmother's house. On alternate weekends and holidays he spends his time with his mother. David's mother decided to become Advocate since she learned of his diagnosis....more

Why You Are Married

My response to Tracy McMillian's article "Why You're Not Married" : WHY YOU ARE MARRIED ...more

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On some level, I do know that and have a deep respect for marriage. ...more

From Divorce to Somewhere Else (A Metaphorical Journey)

The vessel carries me forward – into the dark night. A lunar face observes my wanderings, not a descent really, more an investigation or exploration of how I am going to get to where I must go. There is no chance of going back. Once illuminated you can’t pretend you don’t see. The feminine face watches from her airy throne. ...more

It's officially offical

I am a child of divorce. Yup....more

The Day He Told Me

“Damn, Geoff.” Damn, Geoff? The man just told me he’s been sleeping with another woman - in our bed - and the best I can do is “Damn, Geoff”?! I’ve shown more emotion when he burned dinner, or when he left his dirty clothes on the floor for the hundredth time. I should be screaming right now, throwing things, cursing, crying, and threatening to kill him and her both. But, I don’t feel like it. What is wrong with me? ...more

You are right -- everyone, including the 'perpetrators', get hurt in an infidelity situation. ...more

Love, Loss and Moving On: My Interview With Harriet Bronson

Luanne StevensonArticle first published as Love, Loss and Moving On: Interview With Harriet Bronson, Former Wife of Charles on Blogcritics....more

The Coffee is Ready. Am I?

I woke up with a familiar feeling of dread, or should I say deadness? The weight of my world set in concrete in my shoulders, legs, and hips, basically my entire body. The responsibility to be all things to my children coming like an avalanche at me:  mommy, daddy, protector, nurturer, homework-helper, encourager, driver, feeder, provider, schedule-organizer, pretty-mommy, funny-mommy, smart-mommy, no-room-for-tired-mommy, stay-at-home-in case-we-need-you mommy, mommy who prevails no matter what... you get the idea....more

So true! Thank goodness our feet keep moving us forward even when the rest of us doesn't want to!more