It's Not Me - It's You

Cooking My Way through My Husband's Midlife Crisis...more

Breaking up is hard for everyone

I know that every marriage is different. I listen to girl talk. I hear from friends who let their husbands handle all the finances, and those that act as the family accountant. I hear from moms who think their husbands don't spend enough time with the kids and those that are happy with their amount of free time away from the family. I hear from women who joke about murdering their spouses several times a week and those that are careful to never say anything negative about their other half....more

Dating After Divorce Update

It’s been a while since I talked about dating after divorce so I think it’s time to check back in on the subject.While I have written about this topic before, it’s interesting even to me to see how my feelings and viewpoints can change as my son gets older and my experiences pile up....more

How to Stay Calm When Your Ex Pushes Your Buttons

How to Stay Calm When Your Ex Pushes Your Buttons There is a reason that you and the father of your children...more

On The Rebound

Alternate Title: Your Friend Is An Asshole Who Has a Hidden Agenda Based on Their Own Fear.Alternate Title: I'm Tired of Writing Blog Posts About People Who Are Bad Friends...more

Costly Mistake

This morning at the tax preparer's office, I was informed that we (I) had made a costly mistake. It was a bitter pill. Not because it was one more financial burden to add to an ever-increasing tally of financial burdens.It was bitter because it was not a simple mess up. I can't comfort myself with "These things happen. Everyone makes mistakes." Because it was not a mistake. It was a decision, a decision I made to distrust myself....more

Only a Small Disaster

Day 2 of daily blogging and I am typing this on my phone in my bed with the lights off, because I was about to snuggle down into my ergonomic pillow and drift away to sleep but then I remembered that I hadn't posted yet.So here you go. Please excuse typos; tiny keyboards are hard. As are Mondays. This Monday was full of excitement!I lost my water bottle- somewhere INSIDE the house! I baked muffins! I re-dyed too light jeans in the bathtub AND didn't stain the bathtub forever! My life is also full of excitement!...more

Thinking About Divorce?

I came across a website that featured a link entitled "Thinking about divorce? Contact an attorney for the right advice." Somehow, that struck me as wrong. Sure, if you must get divorced, a good attorney can help you come to a fair financial settlement, work out custody arrangements, and process the paperwork. ...more

One Slightly Used Wedding Dress

For Sale……One slightly used wedding dress.I ran into it at the back of the closet today.I didn't think it would make me cry…..But there it was….all white and beautiful and outdated….....more

Don't Let This Happen To You!

This morning I had the best cry I have had in awhile. It will sound stupid but for those of you going through a divorce I am sure you can relate.My teen has been depressed (because of the divorce), which makes it difficult to get to school (on time or at all) or do homework, get the picture! Everyday is such a struggle, and everyday starts out so sadly....more