A Debt-Free Love Story: How One Couple’s Promise to Stop Using Credit Cards Rekindled Everything

There was this fight over money between us.  It wasn’t an overt fight—we weren’t screamers and we didn’t like to argue—but it was there, permeating the room all the time like a poisonous gas, sightless and scentless but lethal just the same.  It infected everything.  It was a silent-treatment standoff of a fight over who wasn’t earning enough, which of our money choices was making the relationship unstable, and which of us was to blame for our debt and the reverberating mess....more

Dump the Divorce Drama Forever

Do you find yourself holding on to who you used to be? Are you wondering how you can finally move on from your divorce?  Do you want to become a Single Mom Super Star?  Plus win a free family getaway!! Then now is the time to make a life changing decision. Join me in the “From Stuck to Success: How to Divorce The Drama & Become A Single Mom Super Star Project. ” There is a FREE Call Wednesday, September 11 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern to discuss the details....more

Moving At Your Own Speed

The world is moving so quickly that sometimes it's difficult to catch up to where you think you ought to be. Knowing that everyone is different and understanding that you are all unique are two different things. You find yourself surrounded by those you think are your peers but somehow you are still running at a different pace.  Even with all the people that surround you, you still feel alone. How can anyone understand who you are, if you yourself are at a loss. One day you know exactly where you should be, then the next day there is no where that you go that gives you comfort....more

It's Time To Let Go

Sometimes you hold on to things for far too long, even though they no longer hold any meaning. The feelings you say you have are from the past. You remember what is no longer, but you have difficulty letting go. It's harder for you to think that you can live without, than it is to walk away. It's painful letting things go on as they are because no one ever wins.  Memories of what was, are slowly fading away. What was once so beautiful, is not so clear anymore. Pretending or creating something that doesn't exist takes you away from the path that the universe has created for you....more

Separation Anxiety: When Everyone Else Is Divorcing

The girls have been struggling with a kind of separation anxiety lately. There have been more than five announcements of separations/divorce from couples they know over the last year. When it first began, it was easy enough to gently explain that sometimes, like with being sisters, you need to get a little space or take a break. They would nod softly, ask if Sean and I were okay, and then move on to the next thing. I was hanging out with Finley one day and she said, “Mom, do I have a stepmom?” ...more
My husband and I had a really bad fight a few weeks ago, and then we were driving somewhere and ...more

The End - Part Two

This blog post is being transferred into Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform and will be available as part of an e-book series.  Please visit my website to subscribe and I will let you know when the ebook series is available for free download.Continued... The End - Part Three:  http://jofonda.com/the-end-part-3/About Me: http://jofonda.com/about-me/ Jo...more

A Wandering Soul

Have you ever met people who seem to be floating through life, never finding a place to belong. It's not that they are any less committed to a cause or where they are at the time, but it's as if they can only stay in one place for a short time. It's as if they have a calling to continue their journey elsewhere. It may not be important to them to form attachments, as it is to search for what their spirit is seeking. We find ourselves feeling sorry for these lost souls, but what do we know of their journey....more
@camii You will receive what you ask for. So get ready for South Africa. It took me a little ...more

Should divorced parents still have family dinners for the sake of the kids?


Taking the Separation Plunge

This is probably going to be one of, if not the most, difficult blog entries I have ever written.  But as time goes on, I realize more and more that when the going gets tough ... I get writing.  Deep breath. Here we go....more

Married Into The Army

In Early 2008 I met SGT. Diego Rivera, on RnR during his first year long tour in Afghanistan. We met at a local bar on Broadway Ave, where most kids our age hung out. We started talking, and to this day he would still say I flashed him that night at the bar, but I don’t recall that! I was recently post-op from breast augmentation though, so he could be right. That night we hung out until the sun came up. The next day we played laser tag and hung out at the coffee shop until he had to leave back to catch a flight. We continued to talk and e-mail during the rest of his deployment....more