DIY| Fall Ribbon Garland

Old new hat DIY

Get a unique sun hat with just a few easy steps! (in Serbian)...more

Construction: Week 13 – Finding Zen

When I was a young girl I remember visiting my Mom at work and on her desk she had a small Zen garden. The square foot pavilion complete with beveled edges, was filled with fine white sand. There were also a couple of stones dispersed in the sand and a small gardening rake no bigger than a chopstick to manipulate and transform the landscape. I would occasionally sit there sharing how my day was, pushing the stones and sand around subconsciously expressing my emotions....more

15 Mason Jar Crafts

15 Mason Jar DIY’s – Halloween, ChristmasThese are amazing Mason Jar DIY’s.Find some for Halloween and Christmas!  ...more

Wedding Planning 101: DIY Wedding Programs

When it came to our wedding programs, I did not want anything fancy. I wanted something super simple....more

Black Pumpkins With Gold Glitter


Blog #1- The nerve racking decision to hit publish

A friend at work is always telling me to start a blog. So, here goes nothing...I have been known to share some pretty decent recipes, answer to the name "Patty Cakes" in some circles, and can Pin a craft like its my job!I work full time, am a wife and proud mamma, sister, daughter and daughter-in-law, chef/maid/chauffeur/personal assistant and, somewhere in between it all, a fair weather runner....more

Create Fall Pillows With Sharpie Paint Pens

*This post contains affiliate links. I only post product I have tried and believe in....more

How to Bake Pinecones for Fall & Holiday Crafts

Fall décor season is among us! My favorite decoration piece right now is pinecones. Why? They’re inexpensive (assuming that you will hunt them out yourselves) and versatile! ...more
I had no idea but it makes perfect sense. I will sprinkle cinnamon on them while they bake.more