DIY Ideas for Kids' Art Themed Birthday Party

(Plus ways to keep your beach girl spirit during DIY party planning!)I'm completely behind on sharing my daughter's 2nd birthday party but who can blame me given her special day is right after Thanksgiving, I was struggling with ACL knee surgery recovery and it was cold season wrapped up in a holiday frenzy. It makes my head spin to think about how crazy the past few months have been in our household. Thankfully we're still smiling and routines are back to normal with me walking pretty well now....more

DIY: How To Naturally Make An Essential Oil Diffuser {Plus Aromatherapy Oil Blends}

Aromatherapy has been shown to have a profound impact on lifting moods, purifying the air, and making a room smell great in the process.This type of therapy interacts with the "emotional brain" or limbic system. During inhalation, odor molecules travel through the nose and affects the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system....more

DIY No Sew Pillow Cover


Valentine's Day Discovery Bottles: Use Buttons, Water, & Glitter for Fun Learning

This past week I decided to make some Valentine's Day themed discovery bottles for my babies. Discovery bottles are a great way for infants and toddlers to have a fun sensory experience and some playful learning. These simple DIY toys will allow little ones to explore: ...more

Natural Air Freshener

Organizing a Small Pantry | Her Organized Chaos

Disclaimer: Contains affiliate links. So let's first say that when I share my pantry's "before" picture, it makes me nervous. If I hadn't put myself out there before... This just tops it. I am one of those people that can get EASILY overwhelmed. My mind runs 100 mph constantly and I am always starting and not finishing projects because I think of something else so totally awesome to do. ...more

The Lovely Blog Award

It's Hump Day! ...more

Are You A New Mother? Easy Ways to Bug -Proof Your Home

I remember when I was  new to the parenting world, there were so many things to navigate that were foreign to me.  It was overwhelming and the exhaustion that being a new parent brings leaves a new mother open to overlooking other necessities since caring for the newborn baby becomes priority.  One of those things that are easy to forget about is keeping your home pest-free.  No one likes pests, rather it be mice or bugs, invading her home and free loading while taking up residence in your space!...more

Fashion DIY rolled up bracelet!

Good morning, today a new fashion DIY, the rolled up bracelet...more

Wino! DIY Coaster Made From Wine Corks

Having a husband in the wine industry means we have A LOT of corks lying around. No, it's not from all the wine we drink (I promise), but it is pretty cool. I mean, think of all the project possibilities! Today, we attempted our first cork project, and I will say these coasters came out pretty cute! So if you want to give it a try (I am sure you have some corks lying around after the holidays, right?), here is how we did it. ...more
I love finding new things to do with wine corks. I made a cork board that I absolutely love. You ...more