Pottery Barn Knockoff Feather Wreaths

How cute is this?I was inspired by Pottery  Barn Christmas catalog, but wanted to recreate these feather wreaths for next to nothing.Supplies:Embroidery hoopRibbonFeathersSimply wrap feathers in the color of your choice tightly around embroidery hoop. You can secure with glue or just simply knot. Next, adorn with sparkly ribbon and lengthen as you’d like....more

DIY sweater inspired by...? by @themorasmoothie

www.themorasmoothie.com ...more

Make It Monday: Snowman Family

 I did this project last year before the snow started falling....more

Super Quick Change: Guest Room to Office!

I found out some AWESOME news on Friday, which pretty much rocked my world. After almost two years of a super crazy commute schedule, I will be able to work from home two days a week.TWO days a WEEK!To put that into perspective, I will save 6 hours of driving each week… which totals to 13 straight days of driving a year! So yes, this is pretty life changing for me....more

Tutorial: Whimsical Snowmen Blockheads

By Misty Van StaaverenI love creating whimsical little characters I call Blockheads.  Here are some wintry snowman blockheads with an easy tutorial so you can create these silly little guys by yourself or with your kids.  They are great for mantles, table centerpieces, or even the front porch.  I like to group mine together in threes.   ...more

Thankful Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays each year that seems to keep getting pushed back further and further, until all you see are Christmas lights and Black Friday lines.  All the while, we are missing out on a perfect opportunity to teach our kids to be grateful for their lives and how they could even help others.  Granted, I am toying with the idea of putting our Christmas decorations up early this year (it seems...more
Karen Ballum me too!  I got lucky with a kid who likes math and vegetables lolmore

DIY No-Sew Sock Snowmen!


Pinterest Exploded All Over my Linen Closet

Do you like to organize things? Do you get all giddy when everything has its own special spot when you put things away?If so, this post is for you!And me. Because I totally get that fluttery feeling when I walk into The Container Store.Last week I was complaining about my linen closet because it basically looked like that pile of crap that the creepy lady wears on her back in The Labyrinth spilled all over the place....more
sussabmax That's a great idea... and FREE! =)more

Weekend Work: Kitchen Demo

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy DLS? I LOST 4 hours of sleep...FOUR HOURS people! Eric went duck hunting way too early and I couldn't fall back asleep after he left. boo. We had a crazy productive weekend....more