Easy Cat Shirt with Printable!

Planting Bulbs Without Digging

I was finished with all my planting. Until I went to Lowes on Sunday. Once I got home, I regretted my impulse buy of flower bulbs. I did not relish the thought of digging 100 holes 6 inches deep. A neuron fired in my brain and I developed this....more

DIY Witch's Brew Halloween Sign

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I confess. I started decorating for Halloween in mid-September. The bad news is that I can’t find some of my decorations. They are somewhere in our dark and somewhat cavernous storage unit. It’s not that big, but it’s full.I looked at Target, where I love to buy Halloween decor, but it looked picked over and nothing really caught my eye. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I do want it to feel more festive. Plus, I don’t want to replace the stuff that is “lost” because I’m just too lazy to dig it out....more

5 Knitting Tips for Beginners

Knitting has been going in and out of fashion with women for at least a century. Periods where it has been unpopular have generally coincided with huge victories for women’s rights. For instance, in the 1890s, women began wearing bloomers (so scandalous! :P). Knitting came back into style in the 1900s, only to go out of style again in the 1920s when women attained the right to vote. It came back into style during WWII and then went back out in the 1970s (shocker). Today, it’s not only trending again…it’s more popular than it has ever been....more

3 Steps to Create a Command Center that Works for You

My home command centerIf you’ve learned nothing else about me, you’ve at least learned that I love, love, loooooveorganizing! Seriously, I’m Monica from “Friends.” Except not skinny. And not with that shrill of a voice (hopefully). But I do get ridiculously excited about anything related to organizing....more

Three simple ways to update your bathroom...

AROUND THE HOUSE...DIY MINI BATHROOM UPDATE After this past weekend I can happily say that our house does not have any more yucky muddy brown cabinets. The doors and trim still have that dreadful color on them, but their days are numbered as well. We gave our downstairs bathroom cabinets a little DIY makeover and wish we would have tackled this project sooner, especially considering what an easy transformation this has been....more

Easy and cute fashion DIY bracelet!


Frozen DIY Cape

I had a bit of free time today and I figured what better way to use my free time than make a cape for the Elsa costume I made? Realistically, this should be easy but it took me a few tries because my cat kept messing with it. He's seriously the biggest asshole I've ever met....more