Chalk Painted Dragonfly

Chalk Painted DragonflyMY RENDITION OF WHAT LUCY CREATED.Last year I decided I was going to take the bull by the horns and Chalk Paint!...more

DIY Painted Couch

You won’t bel...more

Clay Pot Horses

Clay Pot Horses! Clay Pot Horses…Who knew how cute these would be?CLAY POT HORSES CURTSEY OF FACEBOOK FRIEND!...more

Simple & Natural Coconut Oil Face Wash

Coconut oil has become my new favorite beauty ingredient. I've been using it in my hair and skincare routines due to its ability to smooth my split ends, and soften and moisturize my skin. This DIY face wash recipe is perfect for saving money on those expensive store face washes, and a great alternative to face washes that contain many unnecessary and unnatural ingredients. ...more
AngelAviles That is awesome!  So happy you found it helpful!more

Seasonal Decor: Feather Trees

Happy first day of winter! Can you believe it's three days until Christmas? It came so fast this year, and the fact that it has been so warm around here doesn't help either. It's going to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow, and the extended forecast looks pretty mild. Thanks again, El Nino!Well, I am thankful to still be exercising outside and not stuck on the "dreadmill" because of the frigid weather. It does make the dark days a little easier I guess! I have had plenty to do inside the house, I put up three Christmas trees this year!...more

My Chalk Painted Dining Room Table

You are here: Home / Decorating and Inspirations / Chalk Painted Dining-room TableChalk Painted Dining-room TableDECEMBER 28, 2015 by ...more
It's really pretty.more

DIY Christmas Ugly Sweater

Elegant Christmas Decor- Easy DIY

These Christmas Crafts are so easy to make, and you’ll have a lot of the materials, already.  They’re so elegant and pretty.  Your guests will love them!I hope you find some you want to make! ...more

Winter Wreath Making Bonanza: A Roundup of 11 Beautiful DIY Wreaths

 Wreaths welcome guests and beautify homes. Regardless of your holiday plans, wreath making and display is a great way to get your DIY fix this season and pick up a skill you can use year round! Wreaths have evolved through history from ancient Persian head garlands to Roman symbols of victory and triumph, to central elements of many holiday rituals....more
Featuring wreaths from : burlapbluesays, nestofposies, SandandSisal, and more!more