How To| Season a Cast Iron Skillet

DIY Pokemon Balls

This summer will be known as the summer of Pokemon Go.  Have your kids been begging you to play?  Mine have, only we can't really play because their parents still don't have anything higher than a iPhone 4.   We do have an Ipad but no internet connection outside our house.  Needless to say, They can not play the actual Pokemon Go game properly....more

Craft Lake City: A Carnival of Curiosity

I'm an avid local gal. I do all things Salt Lake City. And then I write about them. You might have seen my library of local reviews floating around the internets. If not, here ya' go.Kaz's Salt Lake City Savvy ...more

How to Make a Succulent Ring

Succulent Ring Tutorial Last week I shared a flower crown tutorial with you. I’ve been enjoying playing with flowers and plants in the garden and incorporating them into fun flower crowns and jewelry....more

How Crafting and the Creative Process Can Help Kids Learn Skills

NOTE: This is a piece originally published (with permission) in The Huffington Post at the start of summer vacation. To view the entire piece (with photos) click here. To visit Cricut, please go to:  HOW CRAFTING AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS CANHELP KIDS LEARN SKILLS...more

Diving into the Realm of DIY Lube

You’re at home and fresh out of lube, but you hear the phantom call of an impending sexual release. What are you to do? DIY lube!...more

One of the Easiest and Cheapest Ways to Brighten Up Your Home by Jen Oliak

I love when I find things I can create which are beautiful AND take very little time! Although I love fresh cut flowers and would like to have them in my house everyday, the maintenance and cost it takes outweigh my desire.  However, I believe certain spaces in the home where people frequently gather should have an inviting presence....more


 Ever since my boys started moving, the baby proofing journey hasn’t stopped. They keep developing, and with the development they find new ways to get into things....more

17 DIY busy bags for preschoolers

Several weeks ago, a little girl we know had major surgery. Her two-year-old sister couldn’t possibly understand the magnitude of what was happening or why mom and dad would have to give extra attention to her younger sister....more