You Can Make Someone You Love The Best Gift Ever — at No Cost

For my birthday last year, my son and his wife gave me a one-of-a-kind typed book, printed on pretty paper and tied with ribbon. It was titled “Things We Love about Diane.”...more

Disney button shadowboxes

When our family has something to celebrate, we head over to Walt Disney World. Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, new homes--we'll find a reason to celebrate with a visit to Magic Kingdom.And somehow we always leave with a button....more

Fashion DIY bag inspired by Pierre Hardy!

DIY Chalkboard for under $5

This DIY chalk board was so easy to create! I work for a kitchen remodeling company called Mr. Cabinet Care. They custom-make their cabinetry and sometimes, they are forced to throw away items that are not measured correctly. This makes me sad, and instead of watching cabinet doors be hauled off to the dump, I choose to rescue them!...more

7 Halloween DIY's for Creepy Chic Home Decor


Easy Cat Shirt with Printable!

Planting Bulbs Without Digging

I was finished with all my planting. Until I went to Lowes on Sunday. Once I got home, I regretted my impulse buy of flower bulbs. I did not relish the thought of digging 100 holes 6 inches deep. A neuron fired in my brain and I developed this....more

DIY Witch's Brew Halloween Sign

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I confess. I started decorating for Halloween in mid-September. The bad news is that I can’t find some of my decorations. They are somewhere in our dark and somewhat cavernous storage unit. It’s not that big, but it’s full.I looked at Target, where I love to buy Halloween decor, but it looked picked over and nothing really caught my eye. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I do want it to feel more festive. Plus, I don’t want to replace the stuff that is “lost” because I’m just too lazy to dig it out....more