Revamped and Restyled Retro Christmas Village

My mother recently gave me her old Christmas village. These little snow-capped ceramic homes decorated my parents' house all through my teenage years. My three-year-old son is slightly obsessed with the miniature "winter wonderland" displays at our local craft store, and Mom still had all the pieces of her village boxed up to pass on for Baxter to enjoy. The catch: I was not in love. I'm a Kitschmas kind of gal, and this village was way too traditional for my taste. Lucky for me, there is nothing a can of spray paint and some glitter can't fix. ...more
I have a sudden urge to go thrift store shopping to find things to paint.more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Even as winter's chill descends upon us, there's still plenty of DIY gifts you can concoct in time for the big holiday. Here's a few ideas for gifts, some of which can be whipped up in mere minutes. ...more

Christmas! JOY Wall decor

This project was inspired from this picture posted by The Home Depot. ...more

Paper Mache Deer Head Wall Decor - with Bonus!

While out shopping (and surprisingly NO!  I wasn't at Ikea!) I found this little paper mache guy and knew right away that I wanted to somehow incorporate him into my Christmas decor. I had mounds of craft supplies at home from previous projects, so I didn't bother figuring out what I was going to do with him until later.  Sounds logical, right?  I kid, I kid.  But seriously....more

25 Days of Wine-Induced, Self-Timed Photos

Some couples spend their free time going out to new restaraunts. Some read together or go on hikes. My husband and I take self-timed photos.From December 1st through December 25th my husband and I are creating a holiday photo per day. We raid our closet for outfits, pour ourselves a glass of wine, and create scenerios to upload to my blog,

Easiest & Cheapest Artwork You Will Ever Do

Hey guys. Just so you know I haven’t forgot about you. I have just been super busy with school. End of semester is coming so they load on the assignments and of course exams are coming up. Anyways I just wanted to tell you about the art work I did for our bathroom. It was TOO easy and SO cheap… yet still looks great. So here it is: ...more